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ABAPer’s Tabloscope-The SAP Table Relationships & Fields Explorer

Please find the source code  and the user manual (with links to download) below.


Check this document regularly for latest version source code as the functionality of this tool is being improved further.


SAP is like an ocean and often an ABAP consultant looses much of the time in finding relationships among tables and searching for fields, which causes unnecessary delays. Even SAP quick viewer and other SAP standard search methods doesn’t provide one with accurate results always and many times they propose very large result set, most of which are irrelevant solutions for the queried scenario. Some problems, an ABAP consultant would usually encounter are:


For example:

  •  To search for direct relationships between tables ‘EBAN’ and T16FS’, the easy method is to go for SAP Quick Viewer (SQVI). But SQVI shows relationships only if the field names, data elements or domains match. So, in this case it shows only one relationship i.e, between FRGGR fields of both the tables but it doesn’t show relationship between fields FRGST and FRGSX of tables EBAN and T16FS respectively which can also be related, as both are ‘ Release strategies’.


  •  To search for indirect relationships (link tables) between two tables in the absence of direct relationships.For example, there are no direct relationships between tables VBAK’ and ‘EKKO’ and there is no standard method or tool to find indirect relationships i.e., link tables between them than manually checking, which is cumbersome.


  •  To search for the field with description Bill-to party’, one usually goes for SE80 which is a case-sensitive search. That is, it would show only those fields with the given description in lower case alphabets when the search term is typed as bill-to party’. And most of the times a consultant would be aware of the field description but not the cases of alphabets in field description.


  •  And moreover, with the usual standard methods an ABAPer uses, the result set would be huge with all SAP tables in which the relevant solutions for our scenario  is somewhere in the remote corner. It’s like searching for ‘Titanic’ in Atlantic ocean. It would be more easy to search for ‘Titanic’ if the Atlantic would be of the size of Lake Superior. I.e., It would make the job of an ABAP consultant more easier if the search  can be carried out separately in each module or application area instead of all SAP.

           I developed a tool (overcoming all these limitations and adding somemore useful features) which I named as ‘ABAPer’s Tabloscope’ can be a very useful assistant especially for an ABAP consultant.

                               USER MANUAL


This is cover page, click on any of the links below to download/view complete user manual:

Tabloscope-User Manual.pptx – Google Drive (PPT)

Tabloscope-User Manual.pdf   – Google Drive (PDF)

Source Code


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  • Hi Rashmith,

    You have done very good tool for all abap’rs.

    It clears small difficulties faced to find table relationships and fields in tables.

    Thank you for sharing.


    Vinay Kumar Dalapathirao

  • Superb work Rashmith Tula. Keep it up. 

    I never assumed that we can develop this type of tool! I have tried with Relations between Standard table and my custom table. it worked well.

    I always use Graphic (CTRL+SHIFT+F11) for finding relations between the tables.

  • Hi Rashmith,

    First of all Congratuations !!!

    You have done great job with lot of efforts and dedication.

    This tool is really helpful to many ABAPers across globe those who are learning / working in ABAP. SAP Developed so many built-in tables to satisfy the needs of Global Enterprise. You have developed this tool which saves lot of valuable time of Technical Consultants, those who are working to finish their task with in the given deadline.

    I wish all the best for future innovations and postings.


    Krishna AV

  • Hi,

    Great Job.

    I very like it.

    I encounter a problem, for example, I search ‘LFA1’ Possible relationships for this table,

    it can not search the table ‘ARDC/ARD6’.

    • Hi Justin Ding,

          Thank you very much for liking my work. Justin, by clicking ‘Possible relationships for this table’ button, all the possible relationships for the entered table will be shown, only with the tables within the module selected by the user in the Pop-Up window which is triggered on click of this button. Right now, this Pop-Up has only 8 modules(SD,MM,PP,FI,PM,WM,QM,HR) among which one has to be selected. But, tables ADR6 and ADRC are BASIS tables which(I mean Basis) is not there in the Pop-Up.I regret for your problem. However, if your requirement needs the relationships to be shown with these tables anyway, then include these tables in the subroutine ‘MM’ in the source code (assuming that your requirement is in MM) i.e., include the following 2 lines between FORM MM and ENDFORM anywhere between lines 3922 and 4034 of the source code.

      ‘I’      ‘CP’       ‘ADRC’,

      ‘I’      ‘CP’       ‘ADR6’,



  • Hi there,

    I am very new to ABAP.  Could someone please let me know how to use this :

    ABAPer’s Tabloscope-The SAP Table Relationships & Fields Explorer

    Which T-Code would you goto, and paste the ABAP code.  I have downloaded both the User Manual & the ABAP Code. And how do you run this code, in order to get to the “ABAPer Telescope” Blue screen where you can make all your entries regarding the

    “Tables, Fields, Modules, etc. “.

    Thanks.  I appreciate a lot in advance.


    • Hi Shahid,

          Step 1: Go to T-code se38

          Step 2: Enter any name of your choice starting with ‘Z'(Say ‘Z_TABLOSCOPE’) and press                ‘Create’ button.

          Step 3: Enter any title (Say ‘ABAPER’s Tabloscope’) and select ‘type’ as ‘executable                       program’. Press ‘Save’ button.

          Step 4: In the subsequent popup(workbench request) press button ‘Local Object’. You’ll                   be lead to a blank ABAP editor.

          Step 5: Now, copy the Tabloscope’s code and paste it here.

          Step 6: Now, Activate the program by pressing the icon ‘activate'(Match stick symbol)  in                Application Toolbar.

          Step 7: Finally run the program by pressing ‘F8’.

          Create a T-code if you want.



  • /
    • Hi Daniel ,

           Thank you for letting me know this. Actually, W_TABNAME is a data element in R/3 with domain AS4TAB (Char 30) which might not be in BW. So, check by declaring W_TABNAME accordingly i.e., replace this line with just W_TABNAME(30). This should solve it.



        • Hi Daniel,

             Please Check, if Function module ‘ POPUP_TO_DECIDE’ exists in BW and let me know.

          If possible try to replace ‘POPUP_CONTINUE_YES_NO‘ with ‘ POPUP_TO_DECIDE’ or else., comment it. Its not required.



  • I have edited your document as you requested that people rate it. That is effectively asking for points and is NOT permitted. I’ve also removed the “thanks” comments, so that comments that contain information are not lost.

    • Former Member Former Member @Lee MJ

      Sorry for the late reply, I was inactive for few days due to my work.I didn’t notice that the source code attachment is lost in the migration of SCN to Beta. I have now provided the link for the source code. Please check.