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A particular requirement for Broadcasting

Description: The document describes details of a particular requirement for Broadcasting


Schedule a report for 200 to 300 Field Representatives to receive a mail on daily basis before 10:00 am


  • Only one report needs to schedule which will get data for particular Field Representative and send it to him on daily basis
  • Format of the report is same for all
  • All Field representatives do not have usernames in the system
  • All Broadcasting settings have same output format



We have received this peculiar requirement by client regarding broadcasting. It is difficult to handle such requirement manually because of many restrictions such as

  • All users do not have system credentials
  • Difficult to create 300 settings manually
  • If we have to perform any change in settings, it needs to be done in 300 settings
  • There is no simple way to keep a track to whom we are sending these mails



  1. Create one DB table which will store values for variables of the report.

  2. Provide screen layout to user to create, update and delete records from this table

  3. Structure of DB will be as follows:     

    Table format.jpg

Note: If variable has Calendar Month or Calendar Day, then the value will be taken by ABAP program automatically. That variable will not be present in the DB table. Example: One variable is Calendar Month. Then its value will be determined as Month value extracted from (system date -1) if BI system has yesterday’s data as latest one.

  4.  Create 6 broadcasting settings as per requirement. All 6 have same format. Do not schedule them

  5.  Create an ABAP Program which will perform following tasks

· Fetch 6 records from the above DB table

· Save values of variable against these 6 settings in the table RSRD_SETT_NODE_A (Execute this table for one settings and you can check how data is saved. ABAP colleagues knows how data value can be modified in the table)

· ABAP program should fetch the value

· Execute these settings ( implies reports will be sent to these 6 FR via transaction RSRD_START)

· Once jobs are finished again take next 6 records and perform above steps

  6. As these reports are executed for each Field representative, volume of data is small. Hence jobs will get complete in small duration


  1. No need to execute report 200 times to create a scheduling of the report
  2. Information about to whom we are sending a mail is readily available in one table
  3. Addition and deletion of records for sending mails are easy as it is available in table
  4. In future if you need to change format or navigation of report, then it needs to be done only in 6 settings. Implies old setting will be deleted and new will be created with same name



  • If one report is getting executed in 1 or 2 mins, then 6 reports will be executed at a time in 2 minutes. This implies above task will be completed between 1 – 2 hours
  • Such programs need to execute when there is not much load in the system

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