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I'll be there badge.JPGOnce of my favorite aspects of SAP TechEd is that it gives attendees an opportunity to finally meet many of the people we interact with virtually on SCN every day. This is especially true for me this year, as I’ve started to blog more and have had some great dialogues with SCN members.

With that in mind, I wanted to recognize a few of the many people I hope to meet this year. These are SCN members who I’ve worked with or have had interesting discussions with on my blogs or on Twitter. It’s always nice to put faces with names, so I’m hoping this list will become an annual tradition for me.

People I’d Like to Meet at SAP TechEd – Las Vegas

  • Tammy Powlas – Tammy and I have likely met before but not long enough to have the kinds of fun conversations we have on SCN :-). Tammy will be incredibly busy as an SAP Mentor and TechEd speaker (she has 11 sessions!) but I hope I can catch her at the SAP Jam Band on Wednesday.
  • Dick Hirsch – Dick is another fellow SAP colleague and an SAP Mentor. We had a nice exchange on my NBA Sabermetrics 101 blog post earlier this year, so hopefully we can catch up and discuss the sports and HANA implications of Nate Silver’s guest keynote on Monday.

Where can you find me at SAP TechEd?

Of course there are so many others who I’ve had connected with on SCN and it would be great to meet all of you if you’re in Las Vegas. If anyone is interested, I’ll be in the Clubhouse off and on throughout the day – and like most attendees, I’ll be at the evening events and keynotes. Or you can just ping me on Twitter if you want to coordinate a quick hello at the event.

Who do YOU hope to meet?

Who are some SCN members you would like to meet at TechEd? Please add your list in the comments below. Or if you’re inspired, feel free to craft a blog to recognize those individuals.

Have save travels to Las Vegas and hope to see you there!

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  1. Former Member


    I, too, have enjoyed our conversations here on SCN, and I look foward to meeting you, too. You are certainly welcome to catch up with me at my Expert Networking sessions, as are any of your readers, or perhaps we will connect in the Clubhouse over a nice coffee.

    Safe travels, and see you soon!


    1. Former Member Post author

      Thanks, Gretchen. I’ll definitely try to catch one of your Expert Networking sessions, if not I’m sure we can meet in the Clubhouse or one of the Mentor events. I’ll keep an eye out for you!

      See you in Vegas!


  2. Tammy Powlas

    Thank you for the mention, Chris

    Yes we met a few TechEd’s ago and there is always so much going on but it is always a great experience.

    Back in 2007 I never felt “technical” enough for TechEd; I quickly learned and felt I was right “at home” after my first attendance.


    1. Former Member Post author

      Thanks, Tammy. Now that I think about it we’ve even spoken on the phone once before, but I had only been with SAP for a few weeks and was pretty green :-). In any case we’ll catch up at a Mentor event or in the Clubhouse. Or you may see me wandering the halls taking random Vine videos 🙂

      See you soon,


  3. Jason Cao

    On my list are all the Social Reporters as well: Dianna DiSanto, Christina Bryant, Michael Mankowski, Alyce Linquist (no SCN profile? 😕 ), Wilson Zhu, Nic Smith, @Brianna.Diemer (again, no SCN profile), Jack Chawla, Ian Thain, Derek Klobucher, Andy Greig, Ryan Glanville

    I’ll be hanging out at the SCN Photo booth in the Clubhouse most of the event. For those SAP Social Reporters who don’t yet have a presence on SCN (tsk tsk), come on by and we can set up your profile page + a professionally taken profile picture.

    I hope to also meet a few of the big personalities for Big Data, like Irfan Khan, and newly minted SAP Mentor, Alexandre Rivet Papagiannidis.


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