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Migrating SAP Business One Databases from SQL Server to SAP HANA

Updated on Apr 28 2018:

This document guides you how to Migrate SAP Business One Databases from SQL Server to SAP HANA, which is step 5 of Cookbook of migrating SAP Business One from SQL Server to SAP HANA

You should follow the section Migrating Company Databases from the Microsoft SQL Server Database to the SAP HANA Database in the  “SAP Business One Administrator’s Guide, version for SAP HANA“.

As of SAP Business One 9.1 PL05, version for SAP HANA, you can run the new migration wizard to migrate databases from the Microsoft SQL Server to the SAP HANA database, as well as upgrade the databases on SAP HANA. You can migrate and upgrade the company schema with the migration wizard.

This database migration tool is applicable only for the SAP Business One company database. Precisely speaking, it only covers the system tables and User Defined Tables/Fields of SAP Business One. Any other external database or direct SQL table in SAP Business One database is considered as out of scope

This step migrates only the data format of the database from SQL Server to SAP HANA, no data content itself. Migration of SQL query related customization and upgrade of table structure will be discussed in later steps

With regards to how long the database migration may take, the key factors are listed below:

  • The size of the SAP Business One company database
  • The specification of the SQL Server machine
  • The specification of the machine where the migration tool is to be run, and memory allocated to the migration tool and the number of threads for migration.
  • The specification of SAP HANA

The 2nd and 3rd factors are usually the most critical ones affecting the whole migration time length, this is because the migration tool pulls a large amount of data from SQL Server and writes to SAP HANA.


Database Size: 20 G
Hardware Specification of SQL Server Machine: 16 G RAM
Hardware Specification of Workstation for Migration: 8 G RAM, 2.0 GHZ of 1 CPU with 4 COREs. (A different workstation from the SQL Server machine.)
-Allocated Memory for Migration: 4 G
-Number of Threads for Migration: 10
Hardware Specification of SAP HANA Server: 64 G RAM
The database migration takes around 30~60 minutes.

Another sample from SAP tests: it only takes around 3 hours to migrate a company database with 100 G data from SQL Server to SAP HANA.


  • You are highly recommended to run the migration tool on another workstation instead of on the SQL Server machine, because both the migration tool and the SQL Server require considerable computing resources and conflict with each other during migration.
  • The migration should be performed while B1 users are offline.
  • Run the migration tool on a physical machine rather than a virtual one.
  • The SQL Server machine, the SAP HANA server and the workstation running the migration tool should be located in the same LAN due to the large amount of exchange within the network.
  • You should perform a system backup of SAP HANA after a successful migration so that you have a snapshot of the system at each stage


Please see the migration section in SAP Note 1969397 – Troubleshooting Guide for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA

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    • Hi Experts,

      I get java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0

      when trying to migrate from my sql machine to the HANA machine.

      Please help…..

      Any Ideas ?

      Kind Regards,

      Brenden Draper

      • Hi Brenden,

        What is your B1H and HANA version?

        Please restart the tool and have another try.

        You can find more technical information in the log file.

        If still no luck, please do create a customer message to SAP support. Thanks.

        Kind Regards, Yatsea

        • Hi All,

          Thanks for the feedback Yatsea…

          The solution for this:

          Re-Install the client 32\64 bit odbc driver and java on the HANA machine (Linux)

          Kind Regards,

          Brenden Draper

  • Deal All,

    I downloaded Migration tool , it contains one start.bat , when i click on that it opens cmd window and shows message “this migration tools UI only convert non company database”

    What that mean and I am not getting any window like specified above .

    Please help me in details

    Thanks in advance

    Kind Regards,

    Sagar Kolekar 🙂

    • PLease advise your version. The migration tool was merged into the upgrade wizard in a patch for quite some time. I suggest that you check the Admin Guide in your downloaded upgrade package.

  • Hi All ,

    Kindly help me to get my Migration tool start, Its only start.bat file in tool and when i start it shows some error , I am not getting any window like mentioned above.

    i search for this all over but not getting correct information….

    Regards ,

    sagar kolekar

    • PLease advise your version. The migration tool was merged into the upgrade wizard in a patch for quite some time. I suggest that you check the Admin Guide in your downloaded upgrade package.

        • Ah, sorry, it should be the migration wizard (Migrate.exe) in the root folder of your upgrade package.

          Please follow the instructions in chapter 6.3, Administrator’s Guide ($B1H_Patch_CD\Documentation\SystemSetup\ B1_for_SAP_HANA_Admin_Guide.pdf).

  • /
  • Hello

    We have the task to migrate a 100 GB DB, unfortunatly the migration test have been running 3 days until now.

    we’d like to know if there’s any way to enable the multithreading option that seems to be unavailable on 9.1 pl09 migration tool


  • Hello,

    new option for multi thread migration has been added in 9.2 PL03 and 9.1 PL12.

    This option has been added into screen above.

    Best Regards,
    Jan Pidych

  • Hello,
    I’m trying to migrate database from SQL to Hana, but in the database list status is not ready:

     Migrating SAP business one company databases from version 920150 is not allowed. Upgrade the company database before migration to sap hana.

    SAP SQL Version 920105
    HANA Version 920105