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How to Edit a Calculation in Lumira

On Twitter, Andrew Fox asked how to edit a calculation in SAP BusinessObjects Lumira SP12

On my visualization, I am forecasting order quantity:


The green bar shows my forecast of order quantity.

To edit the calculation, I click the down arrow next to the Forecast: Order Quantity:


The Edit Calculation option appears

Then I can change the forecasted periods:


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  • Tammy,

    This is a great post! Thank you

    Another way that we interpreted asking how to change a calculation is:

    when you create a calculated measure — are we able to edit the calculated measure’s calculation after we’ve created it?

        • I think the best use of terminology in these cases would be

          Using ‘prediction’ to describe the measure you’re using in the above tutorial, and

          Using ‘calculation’ for the measures that are created within Lumira’s interface.

    • Hi Bijan,

      Your interpretation is very close to my issue. 

      If you manually create a New Calculated Measure, sum(a*b) for example, in the prepare window a new measure becomes available in the measures list on the left side of the screen. Annoyingly an additional column is not created in the prepare window so you can’t validate the formula is giving you incorrect results. If you use the new measure in a visualisation and feel the formula you have typed in is incorrect you need to go back and edit it to say sum(b*a) for example, but there appears no way of doing this.