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How to add link to SAP CRM Navigation Bar via SPRO

The process of adding link to navigation bar in SAP CRM WebUI may seems trivial, but in fact it’s a complete set of steps in a huge forest of SPRO-transaction that you have to perform in order to make your link be visible in navigation bar.

Here is a step-by-step manual in SPRO-transaction:

  1. Open UI Framework, Define Navigation Bar Profile
  2. Select Navigation Bar Profile
  3. Define Logical Link, new entry
  4. Define Direct Link Groups, take Group ID
  5. Assign links to Direct Link Group, add Logical Link ID & Position Level
  6. Open UI Framework → Business Roles, Define Business Role
  7. Chose Business Role
  8. Adjust Direct Links Groups, select Group ID from step #4
  9. Adjust Direct Links, enable Logical Link (visible: v)
  10. Save

After completing all these steps your link will be added to navigation bar profile.

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