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Diagnostics Agents Verifications Post SAP Solution Manager installation

Hello, to continue with the intention to create a index (main post) of verification that help us to check errors while and after a Solution Manager Installation, now is time for Diagnostics agents verifications; what do you need to check after a solution manager installation to avoid problem while setup diferent solman scenarios ?


Connections Diagnostics Agents Authorizations BI/BW CRM
Own Jobs Central Correction Note Saprouter Services SICF SLD/LMDB
Solution Manager SP Components status Communication ports java stack System LandScape

Solman Experts Useful Content:

Prakhar Saxena -> Upgrade Roadmap -> links

          Prakhar Saxena -> Diagnostic Agent Compatibility

Diagnostics agents checks:

ID verification sap note Description
1 Check that al agents are on the last release 1365123 you can check current release of instaled agent
quickly in file “dev_smdagent” in DAA folder
2 Check the agent configuration parameters from RCA workcenter using the option “diagnostic self check” RCA is setup automatically after you finish system
preparation and basic configuration, if you found
problems on “diagnostic self check” then you have a
problem on diagnostic agent installation
3 Check if you can open the link for manage managed system diagnostics agents link
4 Check the release of saphostagent and upgrade it to the last release and/or SP, remember that:
“SAPOSCOOL is no longer avairable with SAP kernel as from 7.10”

SAP NOTE:  1309499  – hardware capacity analysis in SAP Services

SAP NOTE:  1031096  – Installing Package SAPHOSTAGENT

5 Is Willy Introscope HostAgent application installed on managed system inside diagnostic agent core ? 797147 link
6 Check if you can access to Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager and it is running 797147 lynk
7 Since 1st of October, 2012, SAP JVM 4 is the only supported JDK on this release. See SAP Note 1708967 for details. 1708967 only infomration
8 Check if ISAGENT component and LMSERVICES is on the last release, 1793553 that is to prevent some problems about sap early watch grey
9 Check table “E2E_RESOURCES” to avoid CPU overload

that is not only for diagnostic agents but is for avoid

some headhaches

10 Is diagnostic agent using saprouter ? check saprouter dev_trace and log file saprouter

Remember that Diagnostic agent can use without

any problem a remote connection trough saprouter,

but if you do the same with wily intro-scope

saphostagentyou will have a lot of connection problems.

11 Check agents logs 770853

1.- Increase the trace level

2.- check logs on:
Goto: Agent Administration –

> Agent Log Viewer for SMDSystem.*.log

and SMDAgentApplication.*.log.

12 If we have some problem with diagnostics after all of that is ok, we have to create a support message as indicated on that support note 1076573 Remenber to use that component “SV-SMG-DIA

Related information from scn forum contributors and friends 😉

Additional information:

  1. StopServer.bat
  2. sdm jstartup “mode=standalone”
  3. sdm changepassword “newpassword=sidadm555”
  4. sdm jstartup “mode=integrated”
  5. StartServer.bat

  • Useful link to check diagnostic configuration
Formatted link Description
http://<SMD host>:<Java HTTP port
http://<SMD host>:<Java HTTP port>/sap/monitoring/ComponentInfo To check software component information of the java system
http://hostname:5×000/utl/UsageTypesInfo to check usage types



Access to Wily Enterprisse Manager
  • Diagnostic Agent Compatibility at PAM:



Connections Diagnostics Agents Authorizations BI/BW CRM
Own Jobs Central Correction Note Saprouter Services SICF SLD/LMDB
Solution Manager SP Components status Communication ports java stack System LandScape

Hope that table can help you when found any diagnostic agent installation and/or configuration problems inside your system landscape within solution manager.

Best Regards,


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          1. Former Member

            Thanks!  😎

            If I can ever get a handle on getting TDMS 4.0 SP05 going I will be throwing up some info under the TDMS space…but it takes so long to complete some processes I have had different errors on all my runs 😡 and I need Production data in some new Dev/QA systems…I blame the users!  Always wanting new/fresh data.

  1. Tammy Powlas

    Very nice, Lluis – I just noticed this.

    Fortunately I am not the one setting this up where I work but am grateful you take the time to share your SolMan knowledge.


    1. Lluis Salvador Suarez Post author

      Thanks Tammy,  I miss you that days on solman forums. 😉

      For me will be great if one day we can talk/write about the solman use if each one.  Currently in my Country is not used in a productive way as other SAP Solution.




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