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Hi All,

As I mention in part 1 Deeper Dive into Deep structure – part 1

Class Y_R_EITAN_TEST_31_02_CL will get some extra roles. so lets add some methods.


Method GET_IT_FLAT_1:


Notice that all the parameters are defined in the PUBLIC SECTION of the class.

The S* parameters are range type . 

Method GET_IT_SCARR_1:


Lets run this method:




The result :




This SE24 feature is very nice since we can verify that our data model is complete even before we use it at later development.


Create the class.

GoTo->public section

Open Y_R_EITAN_TEST_31_02_CL.PublicSection.txt with your text editor.

Open copy & paste the public section to the class this will create the types and empty methods.

For each method copy & paste the code:


This is all for now until next time when we use the deep structure in a smart form.–part-3


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