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After publishing the blog(, I got few queries on what these “Data Providers” are and how do they work?. So I thought of narrating the Data Providers and their importance in the overall Technical Monitoring runtime architecture.


Source: SAP

Data Providers are responsible for collecting metric values from the monitored objects and sending it to the Solution Manager Monitoring and Alerting Infrastrucure. To understand all the ‘connections’ behind the scene in Technical Monitoring; I am including the picture from Solution Manager wiki(  here to simplyfy my effort in explaining all the ‘wires and plugs’.


Source: SAP

There are 2 different types of data providers that you can identify in the Technical Monitoring; they are:

1. Pull Data Providers

2. Push Data Providers

Let us see them more in detail;

1. Push Data Providers

The metric values collected by different Data Providers are sent to Solution Manager via web services. There are 2 Push Data providers exist in the Technical Monitoring;

i. Push Introscope – Enterprise Manager collects the metrics and they are pushed to Solution Manager via web services.

ii. Push Diagnostic Agent – The Diagnostic Agent collects the Metrics locally (at OS level) and pushes the data to Data Provider Connector at the SOlution Manager side.

2. Pull Data Providers

As the name suggests somebody is pulling the metrics data from the source; and there are 4 different type of Pull Data Providers are invloved in technical Monitoring;

i. RFC Pull ST-PI – The Solution Tools plug ins are the essential part of Monitoring infrastructure;The metrics are then collected locally on the managed system by using function modules which are part of the ST-PI plug-in.

ii. RFC Pull ST – This is a local Data Provider within the Solution Manager system;the extractor in the solution manager collects the relevant monitoring data from different applications.

iii. RFC Pull ST-BW – All the data stored in the infocubes of BW system (Solution Manager or External) are retrieved and sent to the Monitoring Infrastructure.

iv. Pull DBMS – All the database related information from the DBA Cockpit are retrived to cater the needs of Database Monitoring in the Technical Monitoring.

Troubleshooting Data Providers

Data extractors can be monitored in the “Solution Manager Administration” work center. Here you can find the Infrastructure application. Select button “Alerting Framework”. This will provide a list of all extractors that are used for the MAI infrastructure. Here you can see different type of Data Providers, Extractors and their status.



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    1. Former Member

      HI Vivek

      Could you please advise how the data collection is happening for BI monitoring in Tech Mon , especially for Data Service Jobs ?



  1. Former Member

    Dear Vivek,

    I found


    I tried to re-activate extractors, but warning not disappeared.

    Could you please help me to resolve it?

    Thanks a lot,


    1. Vivek Hegde Post author

      Hi Alexander,

      Could you please implement Note 0001717403 Collective Note for Extractor FWK – ST710 and see whether this warning has gone?



  2. Former Member

    Hi Vivek,

    Ho to troubleshoot if any data extractor or data provider fails.

    Currently in our landscape we are using solman 7.1 SP 8.

    During monitoring i found that we were not receiving any metric data for some of the metrics.

    When i went to metric troubleshooting i found that the extractor DPC push core is not working.

    In the error message i  found that Data provider is banned.

    Please let me know how to trouble shoot if there are any data provider issues.

  3. Former Member

    Hi Vivek,

    In our solman system we are not authorized to run that transaction. Kindly let me know if there is any document on this.. any links with detailed troubleshooting information on different issues with data prividers and extractors.




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