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SAP Co-Innovation Lab at SAP TechEd 2013

It comes as no surprise to me that I am writing my first SCN blog for COIL at TechEd on Sunday, just one week before actually attending SAP TechEd.

As I look at the new week now, I can’t seem to find a way to fit blogging in among the larger priorities consuming my time in the lab. So here I am. I may try to post some updates this week but look to this post being the best reference for COIL at TechEd Las Vegas.

COIL at SAP TechEd means to work with a much larger SAP TechEd team out of Ecosystems and Channels group, so there is a lot of communication and details to stay close to in the weeks running up to Oct. 21.  It’s interesting being plugged in with the marketing team because they pretty early on start to talk
about the social dimensions of this yearly event. They know it is comprised of a large SCN community so it’s a very good thing from early on, to encourage everyone to use social media to support all the activities and meta content for what an individual or team may bring to a show floor pod, expert session, or as a teched track speaker. So the message is loud and clear to get those tweets and likes fired up.


For me the reality is that I have to now catch up with blogging and tweeting about COIL rather than starting this a few weeks earlier when the good idea to do so was first suggested. COIL Palo Alto continues being heads down this week getting content ready to exhibit at our Pod for the event where will showcase more than sixteen co-innovation projects currently being pursued by SAP and various partners. For taking time to learn more about the Lab and what we do, visiting attendees can then sign up for several feature demos scheduled to be run by different project teams and subject matter experts all week long.

Spending time talking to COIL at the pod will also let any attendee playing the Ecosystems and Channels Mobile App game will get to answer three questions allowing the attendee to scan a QR into the app. Additionally, our sister team, SAP Hana Partner Engineering, is hosting a nearby pod so we will be sharing content common to both teams this year.


COIL is hosting four Expert Sessions in the Clubhouse Network Lounge and the content is simply too good to try and contain for 30 minutes, so we expect atendees who check them out will likely hang out for questions or come back to the pod to learn more. This year we are thrilled to co-host, CDNetworks, McAfee, RedHat and Vmware. Kevin Liu and I will each host two of the four sessions.

I think anyone with work involving SAP cloud deliverables would take interest to learn more (Session EXP10477) about CDNetwork’s project to accelerate an SAP load from one endpoint to another. It’s a rational choice to look at such solutions in situations where you have no control over the end point with respect to wan optimization, performance or connection quality. If you want to look into this ahead of joining the session, be sure to check out the project whitepaper available from Kevin’s blog and the COIL SCN page.


I’m also looking forward to co-hosting the session ( EXP 10478) with McAfee as we’ve actually worked on a few projects, a couple of which are actually being done with the global COIL computing center infrastructure engineering team to implement McAfee MOVE AV (Management for Optimized Virtual Environments ,Anti-Virus), into the COIL Cloud.  I’m not totally up to speed yet on Kevin’s sessions, but from RedHat’s project, attendees will learn more about SAP ASE and deploying with different cartridges as a part of RedHat OpenShift.


We have some really super content to share across so many different projects and teams in our project showcase, as COIL Palo Alto is home to SAP and Intel along with Cisco exploring Hana and Hadoop, SAP NS2 working to take SAP HANA’s geospatial capability to the next level in the context of using big data for real time situation awareness, or SAP, Intel, Vormetric and Virtustream exploring 3rd party encryption solutions based upon select cloud sourced use cases. We plan to offer a closer look at Virtual SAP Hana where the SAP and Vmware team has explored a number of different configurations and general tips for deploying SAP Hana to Dev and Test environments.

Our Featured Demos are still being selected, prioritized and scheduled but we just reviewed the SAP NS2 demo content with the team last Friday, including Tom Turchioe and his crew from Critigen Labs. They always do cool demos (ask about the Medicare Mapper and Food Truck!) but this one, especially its richness of content is my favorite so far. Geospatial really enriches information and its analysis and I’m glad that SAP HANA has such a super capability and that we also have partners who excel at visualizing GIS as well as making sure all real time situation awareness queries and results are encrypted and secure.


We are also planning to show a few very interesting demos courtesy of our COIL Tokyo colleague Shuuji Watanabe. If using SAP ERP with SAP Hana is of high interest to you, this will be a series of demos you will want to see Shuuji’s demos:

ERP on HANA – Confirming stocks and delivery date, ordering at customer site, real time sales reporting.Business Object Explorer is used for real time reporting and UI5 – a new function of HANA is used to realize a browser-based graphical interface.


The SAP Japan Real Time Data Platform team through this COIL Tokyo project and demo seeks to show the advantage of Suite on HANA for customers and partners.
This ERP on HANA real-real time demo project led to the RTDP team where they worked with SAP Japan CSA, Mobility IU-Delivery, D&T / Analytics Solutions (Business Object) to develop this demo.


     Real Time Reporting utilizing ERP on HANA by mixed environment of Cloud and On-Premise system is the second demo to be shown. With this
     demo, the SAP Japan Real Time Data Platform team wanted to show yet  another advantage of Suite on HANA
     utilizing a HANA specific function.

Classmethod – a Cloud Integrator in Japan has developed an application on AWS. This application on AWS   acesses SoH HANA DB at COIL Tokyo via internet, executing an sql sentence every 0.5 sec then shows a  summarized report via a browser. The SD benchmark tool is running in the back end during the demo.

    Confirming a received good invoice in one screen utilizing SHAL – a new function of SAP HANA will be the focus of the 3rd demo. At the point of sale, a goods receipt for an order is not done once but normally produced  and distributed several times.  So to confirm the status of a goods receipt and issuing invoice, it is something that can be time consuming for  Purchasing or Accounting staff because at least until now it has been the case that such end users  had to  check several business screens in
order to be properly informed. SAP Japan consulting team wants to improve  this situation utilizing SHAL in SAP Hana.

So plenty of great content and demos in motion with lots of partners and as of this post, we are still working to include project insights into other projects emerging with Vendavo, Violin Memory, Core Mobile, AutoGrid, Citrix and others.


While I think to do so, let me also mention that if you are planning to attend or know someone attending the SAP TechEd pre-event,
Innovation Summit sponsored by SAP PartnerEdge on October 21, COIL is hosting a breakfast event at 7:30 a.m. have them check their itineraries and consider joining me and SAP NS2 CTO David Korn in a short interview exploring a current RDS for Real time Situation Awareness COIL project. The interview will touch upon the value of pursuing the project through COIL to take full advantage of geospatial in SAP Hana and building a solution architecture featuring technologies from multiple partners.

If you miss this, you can pick up on the same topic again later in the week during an afternoon SAP TechEd Live session (3pm Wed, 10/23)where I will again talk to David Korn, Tom Turchioe from Critigen Labs and still to be confirmed one of our colleagues from Cisco.

We’ve got a lot COIL Sponsors and Project members exhibiting in the Clubhouse this year, Intel, Cisco, Vmware, Citrix, RedHat, CA, Virtustream, and many more who will be showing complementary content and demos to what you will find at the COIL Pod, so be sure to visit their exhibits too. Just look for the Oval SAP Co-Innovation Lab signage displayed by our sponsors and member participants.

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