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Function Module to get subordinates of a manager

Unfortunately,  I have seen generally that there is no proper standard FM provided by SAP where you can get the subordinates of a manager to directly. So, I got curious enough to explore more on this one & started debugging & troubleshooting different set of services like Team Calendar, Team Viewer etc. in backend. And I indeed found one which could be used more realistically for getting subordinates related data.

Although there are other FM’s like RH_STRUC_GET  which can also be used, but they are more complicated to use by way of passing input & changing parameters to them.  So, one FM that can be queried very easily & get the required set of data is ‘HRWPC_RFC_OADP_GET_OBJECTS‘. This FM has been primarily been used as a wrapper FM for most of the services in  MSS viz., Team Calendar , Team Viewer to name a few.


Parameters that needs to be passed to this FM are :-


OBJSEL -> Either of the two values can be passed depending on the business needs.

                     1.  MSS_TMV_EE_DIR -> This will only give DIRECT REPORTS   to the manager , as per the evaluation path of O-S-P.

                     2. MSS_TMV_EE_ALL-> This will give ALL EMPLOYEES  coming under the manager , as per the evaluation path of O-S-P

                    (Both the above parameter values are based on OADP- Object and Data Provider  structures used in MSS)



USER-> Username of the manager stored in info type 0105.

An example to depict the working of this FM is shown from the below Organization Structure .

or str.png

Passing object selection “MSS_TMV_EE_DIR”



Passing object selection “MSS_TMV_EE_ALL”


As you can see, in the last result an additional employee  is outputted as “Bryan Adams” , as he not being the direct employee of the manager.

Hope this blog was helpful for those who usually gets baffled for getting subordinates data of a manager through various discussion forums.

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