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Why it is essential to have a meaningful community? It is easy to work or stay in isolation. If one like to stay isolated or ignorant. It’s their wish. But, being social animal, we can’t do this. Thus, for individual, community exhibit sense of cohesive results in companionship & support system. In this era of information technology community importance & association is significant, as frequency of change in organisation/customer expectation, technologies, jobs, roles, homes and locations is hard to control. And its not individual, whereas, everyone benefits from a strong community. If an individual is part of community, then they will have sense allied, collaborate, imperative, noteworthy, respected and protected.

Our community, SAP Community Network(SCN), provides global platform to help in developing supportive and interactive commune positively within individual to share a vested interest. Being active in the community can give more vital and interesting life, expand networks and feel confident. Through this people are better connected. And it helps thriving environment which assist us in learning, sharing & supporting more efficient across SAP & related technologies.

This gives me an opportunity to congratulating SCN – SAP Community Network (Formerly, SDN – SAP Developer Network) for completing 10 glorious years towards SAP community service, engagements & collaborations.


I really feel proud to part of this community and relish every moment I spend here. Community participation helped me in following way

  • It provided me with intellectual, a reward which is joy of sharing & mental satisfaction.
  • It helped me collaborative. Help me brings people together globally.
  • It assisted me personal growth and self admiration.
  • It helps me in learning & application. I’m able to share my experience & assist others with learning.
  • It makes a difference.keeping me updated on new technology, idea & trend.
  • It encourages responsibility and assist me making a difference.
  • It gives me a chance to give back, what I earned from SAP Career.

Every journey has its own moments & milestones. So, do I:

SDN_SCN Milestone.jpg

This association formerly start immediately after my certification in 2007. When receiving my S-User Id communication. That communication stated some the online links, where I can use my S-User authentication. And SDN was one of them.

Some moments of self satisfaction during this association.

01.06.2010_1st_Achievement_in_SAP SDN Billing.jpg



12.07.2010_FindingMyselfonSDN-Find_ the_expert.jpg

These I still relish and it gives me a satisfaction that I’m no more in shadow.

Apart from SAP SD contribution, whenever time permits I also participated in discussion for MM, FI & PS spaces.

Sometimes hear following statements from few people in my professional network:

“What is SCN/SDN?

“I don’t know SCN/SDN.

“I heard about SCN/SDN, but, use it.”

For me this means, they are really fortunate that God had bless/provided them either with really best intellect or really great team/colleague to help/guidance them.

So, I Iike to conclude with, “learn to share & learn from sharing…” But, don’t consider SCN as Training Center or Helpline.

If you are interested to know me little more, then you can refer my SCN Business Card – Jyoti Prakash & my BIF – Blog It Forward – Jyoti Prakash in SCN.

For those of you who are not familiar BIF – Blog It Forward challenge initiated by Moshe Naveh’s , you can read about it here. Believe me, it’s nice tempting and innovative initiative. Thanks! Moshe. And there my people already part of that initiative.

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    1. Tammy Powlas

      JP – well done and congratulations on your SCN achievements.

      Thank you also for meeting a Moderator.

      It is amazing you kept the older SCN screen shots.


      1. Jyoti Prakash
        Post author

        Hello Tammy

        Your support & appreciation means a lot to most of us here.

        Well. in 2010, I was publicly criticized and made fun for contributing on to the SCN. Frankly, I was little low on moral. And those screenshots were a way for self-recognition for my dedication, determination & appreciation. They are still precious to me. Thanks SCN for #SCNin10 challenge which provided me an opportunity to share them and a common platform for getting collaborate with dedicate, energetic, intellect & generous person like you.


        Best Wishes, JP

  1. ' MoazzaM '

    Hi JP

    How did you get these old pictures of SDN 😯 They really reminded me my first query in SDN and that was i think about schedule for delivery stock in MMBE 😎

    I feel and think that we couldn’t have done this much in SAP if there was no SCN support behind this. I dont know about others but for I have learnt everything from SCN.

    I know about you 😉 but I like your Idea to share your BIF in your blog.


  2. Former Member

    Hi JP,

    Glad to know about journey with SCN.

    Very nice graphical representation of your scn journey and your achievements.

    Congrats for achievements  and happy to know you.


  3. Gali Kling Schneider

    I love that you added your personal SCN milestones Jyoti!!

    I would like to add one to it too 2013 Moderator Council Member 🙂

    Thank you for your daily commitment and contribution to SCN!


    1. Jyoti Prakash
      Post author

      2013 Moderator Council Member

      Thanks for highlighting that 🙂 and provided opportunity work with you and other Council members for 2013 Moderator Council.

      Best Wishes, JP

  4. Former Member

    Thanks JP for sharing these beautiful moments of SDN & your in this long journey,  thanks for sharing your knowledge & guiding & motivating us through blogs like this. Thanks Sukant Chakrborthy

  5. Former Member

    Hi Jyothi Prakash,


    Nice information! I like the way you have posted.

    Great Job! Keep sharing and motivating ppl.

    I appreciate.


    Hari Suseelan

  6. Former Member

    Hello Prakash,

    Congrats for completing 10 glorious years towards SAP community service, engagements & collaborations. Joining another hand in wishing and hoping the best from it 🙂 .

    Yes…Its always correct ‘Learn from Share‘. All the best.

  7. Former Member

    Hi JP,

    I take this opportunity to congratulate all the people behind establishing the community, what it is today.

    Definitely a game changer, I reckon.

    Feeling proud to be part of this community.


  8. Former Member

    Hi Sir,

    I am seeing good recollect of old SDN screen shots & Sweet memories… this blog will give more happiness and give me a feeling to see a old good movie.. good work. Thanking you..  Regards, G.V.Shivakkumar


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