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Data Geek Challenge: Top 10 Reasons Why Customer Choose SAP ?

This blog describes about why customer choose SAP.?

“SAP is the heart of our technology”  😘

The top ten reasons that customers choose SAP to transform their business:

1. Leadership 😎

2. Innovation 😎

3. Industries 😎

4. Analytics 😎

5. Mobility 😎

6. Real Time 😎

7. Value 😎

8. Cost 😎

9. Support 😎

10. Choice 😎

Using SAP Lumira and Excel Data sources, here are some of the Graphically represented figures below.  I choose various websites and analyzed about SAP. Generated with pictorial representation of graphs and charts


Leadership is play a vital part in SAP & IT industry because it provides an inspirational figure to lead groups of people towards great accomplishments. Leadership can provide a foundation for ideas and excellence, showing others that anything is possible. 

SAP 2.jpg

SAP 1.jpg


SAP unique approach provides consistency across everything and also they fit together as “Network Solutions”. SAP products like leverages in-memory, cloud and mobile technologies play a vital role and it will help to minimize disruption for our customers.

“SAP Build + SAP Integrate + SAP Partner”

SAP 3.jpg

SAP 4.jpg

Industries :

Multi-Industry + Deep Industry + Clear Industry + Comprehensive Industry + Embedded + Industry Driven = Industries

SAP 5.jpg

SAP 6.jpg


SAP always drive higher performance at lower cost with SAP Business objects. Each and every customers/Partners trust SAP’s analytics for their valuable business. SAP deals with more customers world wide and also 7000 + partner organizations. As usual they are “Number 1” in real time functionality.

SAP 7.jpg

SAP 8.jpg


SAP are the Proven market leader in mobility solution with more than 20,000 Enterprise mobility customers and 85% share of Fortune 100 enterprise mobility customers.

  • SAP as recognized revenue leader in mobile device management enterprise.
  • 1.5 billion SMS and MMS messages processed daily
  • 4.5 billion subscribers and 900 mobile carriers (approximate figure)
  • SAP is the best selling mobile enterprise application platform among enterprise applciation providers.

SAP 9.jpg

SAP 10.jpg

Real Time:

SAP In-Memory Application Software (SAP HANA).

SAP HANA is the engine of the real-time enterprise. It provides a foundation on which to build a new generation of application, enabling customers to analyze large quantities of data from virtually any source in real time.

SAP HANA analyzes current point of sale data in real time (approximate figures)

  • 70 Retailers, 460 Billion records, 50 Terabytes of data

SAP 12.jpg

SAP 11.jpg


SAP’s value management program is the most advanced effort of its kind offering advanced business solutions along with deep-domain expertise and insights.

SAP Values are:

  • Benchmark Business Process
  • Certify teams for value
  • Collaborate with SAP for value

SAP 13.jpg

SAP 14.jpg


SAP 16.jpg

SAP 15.jpg


SAP 17.jpg

SAP 18.jpg


SAP 19.jpg

SAP 20.jpg

Happy Blogging and enjoy Data Geek Challenge! smile 🙂

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