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I read a lot of threads about delivery cost problem. When i watched tv , i decided to write a document.

In my opinion , if i describe details planned and unplanned delivery costs with their account determinations , everyone have a basic guide.

I hope that it will be clear and helpful


This document contains two examples like planned&unpanned delivery cost.

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Planned Delivery Cost

When the goods receipt is posted , the stock is valuated at total procurement cost ( Material + Freight )

Postings are  made to special clearing accounts (such as the freight clearing account). These entries are then cleared when the incoming invoice is posted.

If material has standart price , stock account will be valuated with standart price.

If material has map , stock account will be valuated with total procurement cost ( po unit price*quantity + freight cost )

Example for standart price – planned delivery cost

We have a meterial 2090 with 100 pc in stock , standart price 10 eur/pc.

I will procure to stock additional 100 pc with planned delivery cost.

*Po has unit price 12 euro , it will cause price differences with delivery cost….


     **MM document , stock account be valued with stanadart price , GR/IR -1200 eur with Po price ,

     **Price difference account calculated after posting of   material and freight costs be posted -1200-200 = -1400 = +1000 +400


     Fi document : Vendor account be valuated -1428 euro ( material  cost with tax )


     **Vendor account be valuated -238 euro ( freight cost with tax )


     After that , i have 200 pc stock with 2000 euro amount so it is valuated with standart price.


Unplanned Delivery Cost

Miro – You can be used subsequent debit to post unplanned delivery costs.

Moving Avarege Price

When the goods receipt is posted,stock is valuated with po unit price* migo quantity. The offsetting entry is posted to the GR/IR clearing account.

Incoming invoice is posted, the GR/IR clearing account is cleared at the order price.

The resulting difference between order and unplanned costs is posted to the stock account. Total value of the stock changes, the total quantity remains the same. This causes the moving average price to be redetermined.

Standart Price

When the goods receipt is posted, stock is valuated with the product of quantity times standard price. Any differences procurement costs are posted to a price difference account. The offsetting entry  is posted to the GR/IR clearing account.

When the incoming invoice is posted, GR/IR clearing account is cleared at the order price. Difference between order and invoice price due to the unplanned costs is posted to price differences account.

Example – Moving Avarege Price with Unplanned delivery cost

Material 2088 have not stock with map.


*** Po




** Miro – material cost


** Unplanned delivery cost with subsequent debit



If you want to post unplanned delivery cost to different gl , it is possible with belowed configuration steps.

Advised by Raja Ramasamy.

Spro –> MM –> Logistic Invoice Verification –> Incoming Invoice –> Configure how unplanned delivery costs are posted


  There are 3 options belowed. I choose ‘Different G/L line.


  For G/L account determination , we have to run OBYC tcode. UPF transaction is related with unplanned delivery costs.


   Add a related G/L Account for automatic account determination.



     M.Ozgur Unal

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  1. Former Member

    Unplanned delivery cost can be posted to different g/l account other than stock/price difference account using IMG configuration. You didn’t discuss that option here.

  2. Former Member

    Dear Mehmet, thank you for your blog 🙂

    So, please, explain me one thing about planned delivery costs.

    Situation is following

    I have in PO some planned delivery costs (DC) in the header, and I should increase the total value of each material in PO on these DC, because some invoices (not all of them) for planned DC will come too late and we don’t want to wait them. Material ledger is active. We have materials with standard price and map.

    Price in PO item is without any DC.

    So what is the best way to increase the value of materials n PO on planned delivery costs after goods receipt?

    Thank you

      1. Former Member

        Hi Mehmet,

        Thank you for your answer.

        Could you describe or show the screenshot of customizing for freight cost condition type? Which operation codes and corresponding G/L accounts do you use for this freight condition type?

          1. Former Member

            Hi Mehmet,

            For the first look I have in my system all the costomizings, but I don not understand why I do not have the posting to a price difference account (PRD) during GR? I have only transaction keys Credit FR3+ Debit FRE posting lines.

            For example:

            PO item net price = 100, quantity = 200, standard price of material = 80, Freight = 2.000.

            I have the following postings for transaction keys:

            Debit BSX = 20.000 (ok)

            Credit WRX = 16.000 (ok)

            Credit PRD = 4.000 (ok)

            And these lines also from the freight condition:

            Credit FR3 = 2.000 (accruals from freight condition, some GR/IR account) (?)

            Debit FRE = 2.000  (account key from freight condition, some GR/IR account) (?)

            Why not PRD for freight?

  3. Former Member

    Hi All,

    Have a small doubt. I am trying to learn Sap MM, but i am working as an end user. We used to add unplanned freight charges for the PO without Account Assignment (Stock POs). We will be always requesting GR team to reverse GR and then we will amend freight charges to PO( adding freight charges to material cost ). Do we have any other way to solve this.




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