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Author's profile photo Jansi Rani Murugesan

Troubleshooting Tips For Full Text Search Configuration For SOLAR01 KW Documents In Solution Manager 7.1 SPX


Basically Consultant work kind of implementation oriented, It is been long time I get into the operational related stuffs, But its good to get into the operational related troubleshooting time to time. Its much useful to understand the technical things working in the back end. Through this blog I would like to share what are our learning from the Full Text Search implementations for Solar01 documents, Our Solution Manager release is SM 7.1 SP7, but I could assure that this blog would be applicable for all release levels of solution manager.

Implementation Guidelines

Last Monday I got request from business to implement Full Text Search for Solar01, Full Text search is the feature of TREX, which helps to search the documents based on words or phrases. Full text search in solution manager can check by solar01 -> Business Blue print menu ->  Find Document -> Extend Attribute Selection -> Full Text Search.

You can give any words in the search term column, system tried to give the list of documents accordingly. Before implementation you could only get “No documents found”.


I knew that Trex installation is the prerequisite for full text search and have done lots of trex installation, so there wont be any problem in Installation of Trex, We have already running Trex in one of the host. Connected our solman by creating RFC destination. ( I would like to one small hint here RFC destination should be created by the admin user who has the role SAP_BC_TREX_ADMIN), Trex admin tool creates the Trex RFC with the registered program of naming convention TREX_SID_XXXXX.


But the requirement is the full text search in solar01, so started to search the document for all the sources. We got below guide, which is good and pretty clear, Integration of Trex with Solution Manager for Full Text Search. We followed all the steps, But output is negative. Not able to get the result from full text search.

Confusion leads Clarification

Later we got the below Note 750623 – Solution Manager: Full text search in KW documentation. As per the note we need to follow all the steps in the below spro path SAP Solution Manager -> Technical Settings -> Document Management -> Servers -> Connect Index server for full Text search


This is entirely different from the above guide, The guide mentioned to create RFC from Trex admin tool, later use that RFC for indexing, which we tried, but couldn’t help.

Hence we followed the SAP Note.  Manually created two RFCs as IMSDEFAULT and IMSDEFAULT_REG with different program names (ims_server_admin.exe.rfc_sapretrieval), But connection test of both the RFC failed, Though index server and Trex connectivity already working perfectly in OS level.


In SCN there are lots of discussion related to these two RFCs but all of them closed as unanswered. (, even not sure from where these ims_server_admin.exe.rfc_sapretrieval coming. We left with no help and bit confused.

Troubleshooting Tips

We checked all the way that trex server side is everything perfect. So we decided to check the logic behind Full text search, Below are the steps we followed to fix this known issues on full text search.

      • Make sure that, TREX RFC configuration is fine and index server also working fine at OS level.
      • Just deal with logical, its NOT required to use the IMSDEFAULT and IMSDEFAULT_REG. Instead we can use the RFC created in TREX Admin tool for both index and searching purpose.
      • Just GoTo SRMO, create new SSR with the RFC created in Trex admin tool, set as default, search engine could be DRFUZZY.  


      • And click the RFC destination tab, Change both Index and search RFC as TREX_RFC created in trex admin tool , Ignore all the warning.
      • Check connection test working, If connection test not working, then you need to check in trex admin tool.


      • Go to Index Category tab , check any Index category created before, if yes, Please delete.



      • Go to SKPR07, In document class SOLARGNSRC , choose the language EN , Document area IWBSOLAR, proceed to mass – actions -> Re- index for document area, this creates the index category for the language you selected, once done, repeat the same for other languages too.
      • You can verify by Indexed document button, or text indexing, Click the diagnosis button on Top, make sure all are green.


      • Now go to SRMO, Index category tab, select the index category created and display,verify all defined language indexes created. Check the Text Indexing, you must get green here, if not, again delete the index category recreate by step 7.
      • Then go ahead and schedule the daily job for regular indexing by the report RSTIRIDX_REINDEX, but make sure you created variant for the report for all the languages you wanted to create index. Because we found that, default only language DE is chosen. Hence we must define our language preference.

                        trex 13.JPG

      • Once job completed, Goto SKPR07 Document AREA iwbsolar -> text search -> you must get the list of all the result according to the word you search.



      • Go To SRMO -> Index category -> select the Index category which newly creaked for Document area IWBSOLAR -> select the language -> click Text indexing and Text Searching -> It should be green.


      • Now Go To solar01, try the find document by full text search it should work. 🙂

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      Author's profile photo Vivek Hegde
      Vivek Hegde

      Thank You Jansi, nice blog, It is indeed one of the less explored area in solman, thanks for highlighting this.



      Author's profile photo Prakhar Saxena
      Prakhar Saxena

      good one Jansi

      Have you guys also started integrating with other non SAP components?

      We did that research but nothing much without developments.

      All the Best



      Author's profile photo Mikhail Sirotkine
      Mikhail Sirotkine

      one short comment - when you try to delete a not existing in TREX index from the SRMO you usually (at least in the old ABAP releases) get an error. In such case you need to remove all languages first . And than remove the index catagory.


      Author's profile photo Jansi Rani Murugesan
      Jansi Rani Murugesan
      Blog Post Author

      thanks Mikhail for added values!



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Jansi,

      According to SAP Note 750623 , daily job needs to schedule for the report RSTIRIDX.

      So we need to set up daily job for "RSTIRIDX_REINDEX" report also ?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      also of interest are notes 1812983, 1237688, and 1750162 in case indexing generally works, but you have problems with some documents.

      Also helpful is



      Author's profile photo Jorge Melman
      Jorge Melman

      Hello there

      First, this is a great article, thanks for sharing.

      Question, We would like to define a second language for indexing (Hebrew), what are the steps to index this language, i need to install with SMLT?