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Syclo on other side of afterburns of SMP3.0

We are on verge of a giant wave of mobility platform by SAP with the version 3. SMP 3.0!

Syclo is but a small part of this offering…so with all the oData based communication setup, the security configurations, the integration engine’s mapping capabilities and UI5/FIORI…where will the Syclo be ?

Here is my two cents:

Lets step back to Syclo today

To understand the way ahead, we need to be clear on strengths of Syclo as on date, there are many which have justified Syclo now being part of SAP world…so I would just like to address one of it for now

Offline in always connected world: Offline capabilities for enterprise mobile application are really underrated…Its a 3G age they say! Well, I say offline is not just about disconnect scenario…With Syclo we have all the data we need to process and work upon right on the device, zero waiting time! Decision revisiting, multiple genre of task completion like starting order, entering time against 10 activities, taking machine reading..and revisiting the decision are some of them…and all safe from a network glitch/drop scenario. Trying doing the same in online app like Fiori and you will know why this is important

What was not possible

Syclo strengths are in adaptation in and around manufacturing and maintenance industries…The machines and plants in context have shifted to next level of automation, historians for instance keep track of the most minute variables on the machine. What if we could for instance connect the iphone with syclo rounds manager on it to this machine and it will automatically capture the data, process it and submit it online. This would be great but is not possible with current Syclo framework

SMP 3.0 is the hero

So, come SMP 3.0, we have a magic block in its framework called openUI, this functionality will allow native code integration and packaging in Syclo client code. More like windows Active X plugin, we can now plugin ios or android code. For coding, well defined adapter and modeler interfaces shall be available with the library. What will be possible:

  1. Keep a single Syclo field covering full screen, with open UI you can make and display entire native UI in the application,
  2. Pass current data or for that matter any data from Syclo to the native code
  3. Pass data from native to syclo code
  4. Sync data on Syclo fields from native and vice-verse
  5. Keep running native threads in backend to communicate with phone hardware and call Syclo actions as and when required.
  6. Use the functions from already developed native applications and integrate with Syclo…reducing TCO

This opens up entire stack of native possibilities on top of very strong Syclo suite of applications….

So on the other side of the afterburns of SMP 3.0 to its newer version…I see Syclo coming out as even more stronger component of the platform.



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    • Hi Manish,

      With SMP 3.0 we will have openUI library …from agntry you can mention external class .which is native class name…



      • It will be interesting to see how this is achieved technically.

        For example can I take a XIB file created in Xcode (along with it’s objC classes) and use that in Agentry Editor?! I can’t believe that will be possible. It would need to be compiled on a Mac for starters I would think.

        For Android, can I take my layout XML and Activity/Fragment class and somehow shoehorn that into an Agentry screen?

        Looking forward to reading the documentation for this soon!

        • Hi Gregor…the answer its yes! and that is exciting isnt it?

          from agentry u give a class you case objective class which needs to say inherit from openUI defined interfaces…then its all native! Do what ever u want with it…this code get bundled with the agentry client and work as one app!