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SAP customers implement SAP notes based on their requirements. But, it becomes very difficult for them to see which version of the SAP note have been applied by them and whether a new version is already available in SAP Service Marketplace.

This blog will help you find out how you can easily keep track of the new versions of SAP notes.

You have the following ways to keep track of the new versions of SAP notes:

  • Through the SAP Service Marketplace (SMP)     
  • Through the SAP Notes Assistant (SNOTE)

Each method is described in detail below.

Through the SAP Service Marketplace (SMP):

  1. In the SAP note in SMP, click the Subscribe link on the top right of the screen. The Subscription to SAP Note dialog box appears.
  2. Choose the Yes pushbutton to subscribe to the latest versions of the SAP note.


Updates to the subscribed SAP note are sent to your SAP SMP inbox

We recommend that  you subscribe to all the relevant composite notes for SAP TDMS 4.0. Doing so, will ensure that you receive the notifications for any updates to the SAP note and help you take necessary action. 

Please note the following composite notes for SAP TDMS 4.0:

  1713981                TDMS 4.0- Composite note for SAP TDMS Applications

  1741455                TDMS 4.0 – Basis Composite Note

  1653982                TDMS 4.0: Composite note for TDMS BPL

  1619059                TDMS 4.0 – Composite Note for TDMS HCM

  1711327                TDMS 4.0- Composite note for Industry-Specific Solutions

  1665861                TDMS 4.0 – Collective note for Scrambling

Through SAP Notes Assistant (SNOTE):

This feature allows you to  compare the version of the SAP notes that are in your system with the latest version of the SAP notes in SAPNet – R/3 Frontend. 

You can use SNOTE to verify  whether the SAP notes in your system have the latest version. The system downloads the latest version when necessary.


  1. Choose icon “Download Latest SAP Note Version” from SNOTE. 


           The system checks whether the latest version of the SAP notes listed on the screen are available in your system.

   2.    Any changes to the SAP notes since your last download are displayed in a dialog box. To download the latest version of the SAP Notes, make a           confirmation in the dialog box.


           For more information, see Section 5.6 of the documentation for SAP Notes Assistant in SMP.

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