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I have seen many documents on the explanation of compounding infoobject/attributes and how to deal with them in BEx Query designer .But what i find in all of these documents is a little bit of information missing on the effect of compounding infoobject on BEx selection screen.

With this document i will show you an example on the effect of a compounding infoobject on the BEx selection screen. And at the end of it some practical scenarios related to it .

Lets begin with an example :

Info object : ZMAT (Material)

Compounding Infoobject : ZPLANT  (Plant)


Master Data of ZMAT :

As we can see from the below master data screenshot that material M1,M2,M3 belongs to Plant P1 and M4,M5,M6 belongs to Plant P2.


Infoprovider Data :


BEx Report :

Develop a BEx report and use ZMAT & ZPLANT in rows and also make two user entry variables on ZMAT & ZPLANT.

Your BEx will look like this .


Now execute the report to observe the selection screen :

Observation 1 :

Go to the search help of material to see what material are coming . We can see that all the 6 materials are coming in the search help of ZMAT.


Observation 2 :

Now again go back to the selection screen and enter Plant : P1 in the selection screen and again check the search help of material.

You will find out that this time the search help of material only show three materials which belongs to Plant : P1.



Observation 3:

Repeat the same step of observation 2 for Plant : P2.

You will find out that this time the search help of material only show three materials which belongs to Plant : P2.



Explanation :

The above effect shown in the observations is happening because of compounding infoobjects . When we enter the value in ZPLANT which is a superior infoobject for ZMAT infoobject, the system internally goes to the master data of ZMAT and only shows those materials in the search help of the BEx selection screen which belongs to this superior infoobject.

Practical Application :

  • Sometimes the end user complaints that when he goes to select material in the search help he sees material from all the plants . The user gets confused. For a better clarity you can instruct him/her to enter plant first and then select materials from the search help .
  • Also this shortens the search help.

Hope the above document was informative for you guys.

All comments and suggestion are welcome !!

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      1. Former Member

        Hi Ashutosh,

        Even i have the same issue here i have many plants so the user wants to restrict using 0MRP_CONTRL which have only 15 values. But the problem here again is with the combinations there are around 50 values for plants and 15 values for 0MRP_CONTRL.

        So i am getting 50*15=750 values are displayed in the product group which is the naming convention for 0MAT_MRP_CONTRL_0MAT_PLANT.

        The user wanted only 15 values of 0MRP_CONTRL to be displayed instead of 750 values. He dont want to restrict it using 0PLANT as he dont know for which plants he has the production values.

        Could you please help me on this?



  1. Krishna Chaitanya

    Hi Ashutosh,

    Thanks a lot…just now I want to find a solution for the same.  As we have the same issue with the compounding values for Status and Sub-status values.


    Krishna Chaitanya.

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Krishna ,

      I am glad that I could be of help to you.

      I will be posting more such out of the box documents for you guys.



    1. Former Member Post author

      Hey Benedict,

      Thank you for the appreciation.

      Yes I like to keep it simple so that the concept becomes clear.

      I will post more documents for you guys focussing on concepts .




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