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Think rural is safer than suburban?

Thinking of moving out of the major Canadian cities to the Territories to escape the crime? Think again.

I always thought if I ever got too fed up with all the crime in the city, I could move to the Great White North and live a peaceful existance with the Moose and the majestic Canadian Elk. Then I stumbled on some crime data from Statistics Canada. As I started looking at the raw data, nothing really jumped out at me. So I thought, “Hey, I have the new SP12 version of Lumira…why not put it to work, and figure what all these numbers are saying to me.” So I did (I’m quite persuasive).

My bags were packed, toque firmly on my head (sorry, that’s a type of really warm hat, for my American friends), mittens on hands (the red ones with the Maple Leafs), Sorels on my feet, some Canadian Back Bacon and Coleman stove on the back of my snowmobile. I was heading north to the Yukon!

Well…I will tell you, I was quite surprised by what showed up in the visualization in front of me. It completely shocked me. It turns out my choice wasn’t the worst, and the shear beauty of the Yukon could make it a wash, but I ended up unloading the snowmobile, and staying put. I did eat the bacon though.



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