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TechEd (LV): Hug-A-StartUp ?

TechEd: Coming down with JungleFever

Expert Networking Session | StartUps In The Enterprise | Wednesday 12:00pm

EJ-full-icon-200px.pngFirst we won the lottery:

When EnterpriseJungle first launched, it hit the jackpot. We got on to the SAP Start-Up Focus Program. Much like your average start up we needed support, hands on deck and heavyweight specialist insight and skills that our P&L couldn’t possibly afford. That’s what we got it – and it is an incredible journey with unprecedented access to resources!

It helped us as we moved to an established business, building the foundations of a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship. As a result of this program we are going to TechEd Vegas to meet you, their customers, to learn, explore, understand and continue our journey.

Then we took a road trip to Vegas:

So TechEd 2013 is upon us imminently. We know – we are a small part of a big tech conference hall right now – but we take every opportunity we are being given and we are excited to maybe start hug-a-startup as this years version of hug-a-suit.

Our solution is compelling, that’s the good news. The bad news is there’s no swag if you meet us – no cookies or free pens (although we’ll consider giving you the clothes of our backs if you’re going to be a really big customer). The good news is that we plan to infect you with JungleFever. And there’s no known cure so beware….

Sales, marketing and technical channels …. and purchasers, consultants, architects and engineers all seeking solutions to problems and all of whom could be another potential customer of ours. We want to meet you.

And there we win an audience with you:

In one TechEd room, there will be a heady mix of intelligent people who understand the problem we are looking to solve and who hold incredible insight into how they, within their own large enterprise, are addressing it. We want to talk to you.

That’s the value of TechEd: To mix with peers, mentors and colleagues. So do please allocate a small portion of your time to visiting us and being part of our journey and story and to helping us tackle the ESN solution for all of our benefits.We hope you will reach out and make us feel welcome. Just a hello and a business card swap, by the way – we don’t need any hugs.

Connect with us because we are as keen to learn from you and understand how your enterprise works and how we may better our solution as we are to have the potential of selling you something. We have great clients. We want more. We want you.

So are you finally going to tell us what EnterpriseJungle is?

So what is it? What is EnterpriseJungle? Quite simply it is a platform that sits atop an internal ESN or other proprietary internal applications to provide three core benefits:

(1) Augment and enrich user profiles with publicly available data, and provide recommendations of other professionals inside and outside your enterprise that we think you should know and interact with for information, knowledge & opportunity.

(2) Provide data and information into the feed and into user profiles to provide a constant stream of data about how your workforce is connecting, to drive further ESN engagement.

(3) Display analytics and visibility about how the workforce communicates, by department, by geography, by title and by trend to allow the culture departments to better understand and support the endeavors of a collaborative enterprise.

And if you want to see it live? We have built the core functionality atop LinkedIn as our own web service, so take a look and see the solution that we believe deserves to sit atop your internal platform at Go on – do it right now. Sign up. And …. See you at TechEd.

James Sinclair is the co-founder of EnterpriseJungle, a solution that’s sits atop existing ESN platforms to drive recommendation engines, content for user adoption and retention and analytics for supporting eligible workforce endeavors. He can be contacted via

EnterpriseJungle & James Sinclair will be at TechEd Las Vegas, Oct 21st – 24th 2013. The company are currently accepting opportunities to present their solution and the findings of their multiple trials in Fortune 100 companies to visitors – as well as various simple sandbox demonstrations to show and test the value of their proposition in your enterprise.

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