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Do you really want to help out another Charity? They are always calling asking for money.

Another charity  – sigh – will this one make a difference?   Do you think ONLY money will make a difference?  Some of you are saying no, it’s not just money.  You are the volunteers who give your time to a charity.  Heck, you are giving your limited time to SCN by reading this blog.

So if you can take a few minutes to spend time on SCN, could you take some time out of your incredibly busy day for a charity?   But, but… SCN builds my skills.  A charity is simply working at a kitchen handing out food.  Don’t get me wrong that is needed as well, visit your local churches for that.  I know in the US that is needed very badly as we are cutting “non” essential aid/jobs.  (Another story, check the web if curious.)   

But what if you could invest and use your skills to help out a charity?   What if you made a difference based on what you LOVE to do?

You Can!   I have a lot of links to share with you.  The name of the SAP Charity is Mobile Apps 4 Charity.   Basically you share your skills.  You donate your skills, innovation, and testing to a thing bigger than you.  You get to help out some charities.   You get to make a difference in your life time.  It’s the little things like this that make me smile.

But – limited time – we all have it.  So what’s in this for me?

You get to work with some incredibly talented people.  You get the chance to learn from the applications that they are building.  You get to build your skills for free while helping someone.   Again that makes me smile.

I could try to explain the entire process.  But I sure don’t know.   I like writting about things I don’t know.   😆   I’m kidding a little.  I have gone to all the links and read the information.  So I have a basic understanding.  I would encourage you to do the same.

But Michelle, I’m not going to Teched this year.

So?   OK – that’s another blog too.  I’d love to see you there, and I am speaking.  (My quick plug)   BUT this is just being kicked off at SAP Teched.   That doesn’t mean it’s stopping there.   They, umh “we” – I haven’t officially joined yet.    “We” need all the help we can get.  Why?  The more people working, the better the ideas.   The better the testing.  The better the development.  Yes, you got it, everything is just better.

Let’s span the countries.  Let’s get diversity working for us.  And Let’s make a difference with our skills.   If you only click on the links, it’s one step forward!

I loved the visuals on the site – so I borrowed one of them – you’ll see this on the links.  But it represents the idea of helping together well – so here it is.  Think about helping.  I am – going to help to the best of my ability.

mobile apps2.jpg

mobile apps2.jpg
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    • Like my son would say, “I know, right”.  Or the new one would be… “Right”.   So let’s have a lot of people thinking that way!    

      Technology is fun.  Using it is fun.   Using it for a good purpose – that could be amazing. 

      Also I’m 100% sure there are more charity projects then just this one.  I’d love to see them listed.

      You are more than welcome,


  • We had a great turn out for our Mobile Apps 4 Charity Launch event this past Monday night! From one Michelle to another – thank you for helping spread the word! Registration for the initiative is also live now, feel free to register and volunteer your time 🙂

  • We have great news! If you missed the kickoff event at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, you can hear more about the initiative, the non profits involved, the mobile apps to be developed and how you can get involved. All are welcome, if you a skill and time to donate we have a place for you! Our webinar is taking place Nov 26th at 11AM Eastern. Please register here we will be dedicating time for Q&A, don;t be shy and please bring your questions.