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ABAP in Eclipse in action on Teched 2013 Las Vegas

Last year we presented the ABAP development tools for eclipse the first time as productive version at Teched Las Vegas. This year the new ABAP environment will be used in several hands-on sessions. I will give you a short overview which sessions could be of interest for you in case you want to know what happens the last year in the ABAP development tools area.  

Main session about ABAP in Eclipse is the 2h Hands-on workshop CD260 where you learn on the one hand side the basics of eclipse and the ABAP tools. But you will also see some new stuff like the new debugger and the performance trace tools in Eclipse. So if you are completely new to this area or you need an update this session is for you:

  CD260 : ABAP in Eclipse: Develop Like Never Before

In case you want to learn more about the new developments in AS ABAP 7.4 especially how to consume HANA artifacts like views and database procedures in ABAP then this session is a must for you:

  CD263 : ABAP on SAP HANA – Building an End-to-End App from HANA via ABAP to SAP UI5

You want to learn how you can use eclipse for your User Interface developments in ABAP? I guess this session is then for you. The new ABAP development tools for Web Dynpro in combination with the FloorPlan Manager gives you a boost in productivity:

  CD 269 : Build Modern User Interfaces with Web Dynpro ABAP and FloorPlan Manager

SAP Fiori provides a set of mobile applications that you can use on top of the business suite. But how can you develop these kind of applications? ABAP development tools plus the SAP UI5 development tools in eclipse provides you the toolkit of choice:

  CD168 : Building SAP Fiori-like UIs with SAPUI5  

AS ABAP 7.4 comes along with a lot of new cool language features to make your ABAP code much more robust and modern. Experience in that session how much fun the renewed ABAP makes in combination with the new ABAP developments in eclipse. 

  CD261 : Creating Efficient Code Using the Renewed ABAP

You want to play around with all the highlights of SAP technology and how the pieces fit together? Then you have to pick this session. Learn how Eclipse helps you to optimize your development experience:

  TEC160:SAP Technology Highlights – Putting Them All Together

ABAP in Eclipse also comes along with tools to support integration scenarios with AS ABAP 7.4 These tools perfectly work together with the ESR tools in eclipse. You want to learn more about this topic then you have to visit this session: 

  CD266 : Automated Connectivity Between Business Applications

After visiting all these sessions you are a real ABAP in Eclipse expert.

Hope to see you in Las Vegas.



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