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ZMCR – Custom 3 Step Approval Procedure

Preparation of the Custom 3 Steps Approval Process

Working environment: SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP8

Our  goal is to have possibility in SMCR0001 of two types (or more) of APP procedures to which you should decide in the ZMCR drop down menu during your creation of ZMCR document.

Approval process will be in 3 steps.

  • First step performed by: Change Manager (SDCR0002)
  • Second step performed by: Advisory Board (SDCR0003)
  • Third step performed by: Quality Manager. (SDCR0004)

Ok let’s start with the customization:

In SPRO you should start in the section


in the first step you should define ZMCR001 Apprv. Procedure  with the New Entries you should get chance to create new approval process with the below attributes like is presented in the below picture:



next step is to define 3 new approval steps like is presented in the below picture:


The next screen you should define – Assign Approval Steps. In this step you add Partner Functions to the each step (in our case will be Change Manger , Quality Manager, Change Advisory Board)

Step 3: you should add Z3T_CM_AP_PROC later in the process when you create this profile via SPRO action CRM_IC_055


How to create this Rule Modeler pls follow below link to blog:

Step3 – Rule Modeler Profile Creation (CRM_IC_55 spro)

In the next screen (action) you should define which steps are previous for the approval process itself.


in the next step you should approval Determination Procedures. You should add ZMCR0001 and Ruler Modeller Prof. that you are going to to add later when finish the STEP 3. (details you can find in the below Blog Link)


Step3 – Rule Modeler Profile Creation (CRM_IC_55 spro)

The next step is about how to assign Default Approval Procedure.

This procedure will be always available in the drop down menu of the corresponding RfC. In case you would like to have all approval procedures available in the Request for Change drop down menu like is presented in the below picture:


To do this you should neither  add nor create any Approval Process. Please follow the below process:


In the section Assign Default Approval Procedure your settings should be like in the below picture. As you can see

Default Approval Procedure screen is empty like is presented in the below picture:


…this means that you will have all approval procedures available to choose in the RfC drop down menu!!

If you would like to reduce it  Approval  Procedures just on one, then you need to add following line in the above screen:


this action will result that you will have just one App. Procedure available in your RFC like is presented in the picture below:


STEP 2. Rule Creation with CRM_UI

To create rule policy for the newly created app procedure you should start CRM_UI. For the complete process please follow the below link.

Step2 – Rule Creation with CRM_UI – Approval Procedure

How to Check Assigned Partner Functions in RfC

If your newly created approval Process has a new  Partner Function (e.g. Quality manager) you must add it to RfC otherwise it will not work.

To check if your Partner Function for our 3 tier process approval process belongs to our document type for RfC, you should use below link :

How to Check Assigned Partner Functions in RfC (CRM_PARTNER_PDP)

Approval Procedure determination via Multi Level Categorization

For more advance configuration of the approval procedure please follow the below blog from Daniyar Kulmanov

Approval Procedure determination via Multi Level Categorization

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  • Hi Boris,

    Very helpful blog.. thank you.

    I tried same type of custom approval procedure with 4 steps. While assign the approver in the approval procedure the tickets are not showing in the overview. Can you suggest how to bring the tickets in the overview?

    Thanks & Regards


  • Hi Boris,

    thanks for this step by step instruction. It helped us a lot.

    One question though. How do I activate the apporval procedure?

    I always get the hint: “Change the approval step status only if the approval procedure is active” if I want to approve a RfC.



    The Approval step status (approved, rejected, not relevant) can only be set when the approval procedure is active.

    System Response

    The approval step status is reset.


    No further action necessary. Maintain the approval step status when the approval procedure is active (user status ‘To be approved’).




    Good day,

    Has anyone done this for Solman7.2?  I have followed the guided procedure and my Approval assignment block is missing as well as Approval procedure droplist to select an approval procedure in my ZMCR.


    Any ideas what I’m missing?

  • Hi Boris,

    Really a good blog.

    We have 2 levels of approval(E2E and Solution Architect) for the RFC’s. The activity field is enabled based on the role. For Ex: If E2E user logged in, then only E2E approval steps will be editable and same for Solution Architect.  Now my requirement is If the E2E user login, he should have the option to approve his part and as well as for Solution architect part as well. Have tried to change the classes CL*, but could not able to do it. Could you please help on this whether this can be achieved through customization or any coding required. Thanks in Advance