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SAP CIN MM_check point_Logic_Q&A

CIN_MM_Configuration Check point

Objective : The detailed CIN Configuration is freely provided by SAP as SAP Best Practice.For all implementation one need to follow that.

For people who are trying it for fist time ,  Please follow go though the best practice provided and understand the process and settings .

When you try implementing, You can come up with errors and wont understand few logic . This document is indented for that .

This Document is from a MM stand point. Please let me know if anything in the above context need to add.I will update which i have missed/unknown etc.

Spro- FA–FA GS – Taxes on sales /purchase- BS

  • Calc. Procedure
  • Assign Country to Procedure
  • Posting key (Deductible / Non Deductible)
  • Specify Tax jurisdiction Code (STD)
  • Maintain Tax jurisdiction code (Tick
    on option- Base out after Discount net)
  • Tax code (FTXP)
  • Assign Tax code to Country
  • Condition record (FV11)

LG – Tax on Goods movement – BS

  • Excise Reg.
  • Co Code setting (First month April or
    Jan, CVD account are maintained)
  • Plant Setting (Depot, Multiple GR
    assign to Excise registration)
  • Maintain Excise group. (Excise Group –
    plant assignment, also EI capture post to registers tick)
  • Series group (Series Group assignment
    with Excise registration)
  • Excise Duty Indicator
  • Maintain Postal Address (give a and
    click address tab- address to print)
  • Sub Transaction type (if required)
  • Select Cal. Procedure
  • Maintain Excise default

Determination of Excise Duty

  • Select Tax Procedure
  • Maintain Excise Defaults

Condition based Excise Determination

  • Tax code
  • Assign Tax code to Co Code
  • Classify Condition type(Procedure to
    Cdn type assignment- STD)

(Note: Make sure the Excise condition Type is maintained with Setoff% and Set off Condition total. Set off Condition total is
flown to MIGO screen and show as BED-Amount that will be posted)

Account Determination

  • Specify GL Account for taxes (T Code
  • Specify Excise Account per Excise
    Transaction(STD – ETT to Transaction))
  • Specify GL accounts per Excise
    Transaction(Excise Group–ETT- Co Code – COA- GL (CENVAT, RG23A , RG23C, RG23 D
    , PLA )

T Code –J1ID

  • Chapter ID
  • Material – Chapter ID ( Assign – Mat –
    Plant – MAT TYPE- Raw Material ,
    capital goods etc.)
  • Accessible Value
  • CENVAT Determination (i/p – o/p Material
    against a plant)
  • Vendor Excisable (Vendor assigned to
    Excise registration and Service tax registration)
  • Plant setting
  • Excise indicator for plant settings

Master Data

  • Material Master – Purchasing View – Maintain
    excisable material
  • Vendor Master – Header tab- CIN Details
    Maintain Vendor Excisable
  • FV11 – maintain Condition record for
    both % and setoff                    

Note  If the CIN Tab is not visible, Maintain user id in T Code OM3TE)


Maintain theuser ID and above need to the same with 21


NOTE:GL RG23AE = ECS (GLaccount per ETT – GRPO- GL assignment)

NOTE:How data flow from PO to MIGO and J1IEX

1. FV11 maintain for setoff and %

2. Maintain Excise Condition type in Excise default (SPRO-LG-Tax on Goods Movement- Determination
of Excise Duty- maintain Excise Default)


3. Maintain the same in (SPRO-LG-Tax on Goods Movement- Determination of Excise
Duty-Condition Based Excise Determination-Classify Condition type)


Note:Set off Condition totals flown to MIGO screen and show as BED. In the Above case JEOP maintained
values flow from PO to MIGO excise Screen

4. Maintain Excise Account per Transaction type (Spro-LG-Tax on goods Movement-account determination
– Specify Excise Account per ET)


The above 5
DR and two CR is a must

If not the above are not mainatined : Exise will not be posted , Will not show in Stimulate (J1iex
post, CEnvat posting wont happen but will show in table

Also will get Error like while posting CENVAT

Error Msg:“Posting through J1IEX error – DEBIT ENTRY missing in table J_1ITRNACC

NOTE: How to Avoid Tax jurisdiction in FTXP-
T code OBCO – (basically Delete the Tax jurisdiction in FA and FA NEW)

Return Delivery process if Excise is posted   ( pre req. process – PO, GR, Ex already done).On doing so(J1IS-J1iV) the Sales side registers are updated .For Return Deliver , Reverse the GR in MIGO  and use that reversal doc as ref in  J1IS  (Msg on posting J1IS :excise reversal mod vat doc will be generated) and J1iv (Excise posted)

The same J1IS and J1IV is used for Vendor return process also. Other scenarios mentioned below in the reply :Ashok Kumars telugu’s  reply”

NOTE:Setting to auto post J1iv in background while doing J1is (Tick On create and post Inv Single step)


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      Author's profile photo Ashok Kumar Telugu
      Ashok Kumar Telugu

      Hi Manu,

      The document you have posted is not clear to me... You may review once again and make necessary changes..

      Also, under Excise reversal process, you have mentioned that J1IS is used for Excise reversal..

      If Part1 and Part2 are posted, you need to cancel the GR document in MIGO and Post the excise invoice and then cancel the same in J1IEX.

      If Only Part1 is updated, then you can cancel the GR Material document alone and Part1 will be reversed automatically and the same is seen in J1IEX...If you want to cancel the excise invoice also then Cancel the Excise invoice in J1IEX and then your Excise document status will get updated as "B" Canceled. In any of the above cases MBST should not be used for Material document cancellation.

      J1IS is used for Return Delivery (122) / Vendor Returns (161) / STO Intra Plant transfers (351)  / Subcontracting transfers with Payment of Excise Duty (541) / For Differential Excise duty process for Intra STO Scenarios (351  & 641) and may be for some more  scenarios..

      Author's profile photo manu m
      manu m
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Ashok, .. On J1IS case , its the wrong terminology used . I have corrected it .

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Manoj,

      Nice  one...... 🙂 ........