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The aim of the document is to provide overview of “Purchasing Reload”.

  1. Take the screenshots of existing scenario i.e. Infopackages, Data sources and Manage screen for Purchase ODS and Cube (0PUR_O01 and 0PUR_C01).
  2. Please check and confirm the Authorization for Transaction code OLI3BW for PO Setup table load. If required get the authorization approved.
  3. Put P01_BWP_POCOLL job on hold, P01_BWP_POCOLL job runs every hour around **:15:**(HH:MM:SS), so check this job in SM37 in P01.
  4. Run the delta Infopackages and clear RSA7 Delta Queue before deleting Setup tables. RSA7 should have 0 records and then only we can delete setup table.
  5. Delete the data from Infocube 0PUR_C01, ODS 0PUR_O01 and PSA; request by request from all data sources.
  6. Delete Initialization flag: Info Sources –> Select the INIT Info Package –> Double click. Menu path –> Scheduler –> Initialization options for source systems –> Select the current initialization –> press Delete.
  7. Delete Set up table for Purchasing in P01 (Application = 02) – LBWG.
  8. Run the INTI Infopackages to set the pointer so no new entry will be missed.
  9. Fill Setup table “OLI3BW” by Document Number and Date. Filling of Set up table can be done in background.
  10. Once the Setup tables are fill then Check data in RSA3 for all Data sources.
  11. Run repair full requests to load from all Data sources.
  12. Release job “P01_BWP_POCOLL” and run the Full load for other Data Sources.
  13. Once Data loads are finished then need to check the Purchasing table (tables: EKKO & EKPO) details based on “CREATED DATE” data, if any PO is changed or added then we need to load those POs to BW.
  14. Also check the NPRT to find setup table records count and cross it for the new records. 
  15. Follow the below steps to get the lost delta, will be useful for any loads.

     Step 1: Get the name of tables affected by the lost delta data source. For e.g. 2lis_02_itm uses EKKO and EKPO tables etc.

     Step 2: In the table TCDOB put the table name in TABNAME field, you will get some name in OBJECT. For e.g. if you put EKET then it brings up object name like EINKBELEG.


     Step 3: Got to table CDHDR and put in the OBJECT name For e.g. EINKBELEG and put in the UDATE like the day the delta was missed etc. what you get in OBJECTID is usually the document number from the table, do a full repair for those numbers.

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  1. Martin Grob

    Put P01_BWP_POCOLL job on hold, P01_BWP_POCOLL job runs every hour around **:15:**(HH:MM:SS), so check this job in SM37 in P01.

    Just an FYI I don’t think everyones system is P01 nor does the job necessarily run at the same time as in your ecc.

  2. Former Member

    HI! Shefali,

    I have recently enhance my standard data source extractor 2LIS_02_SCL with 11 fields.

    Now we have to load data for last 3 years. We are using   2LIS_02_ITM, 2LIS_02_HDR, 2LIS_02_ACC

    data sources in Purchase Area.

    My concerns are:

    a) Do i need to load the extracted data from setup table to all used datasources??

    b) Will it impact the delta process of other data source??

    c) While loading the data will their be any record mismatch for records olders than 3 years and changed recently??




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