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I am not sure how many of you are using mobile based SCN app. Its called ‘Jive’.  Few days back i installed this app at my android phone and believe me i am just loving it.


There is already document available at SCN explaining about from where to download this app, which OS supports it, how to register etc.

check below links for more details:


When you launch this App, it would look like this. This screen itself attracted me because of its beautiful background color.



Then, You are required to enter community URL:


NOTE: This link can be easily opened in mobile browsers.


You need to enter the activation code that you have received after registering your device at your profile page>Edit preferences>Mobile (for more details view the above mentioned document link) once you click on Log in button.



Here you go. This is home screen of the app. It is so beautiful.







You will get notifications from the group/people you are following to.




You can see the device authorization status of the device registered by viewing profile page.




What i am missing here are: Points, missions, badge and few more details.


So folks have you tried it? Looking forward to hear your views.


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  1. Midhun VP

    One more important point is that it get the notifications to the device from the groups we are following. As JK mentioned its really a good app for those who want to follow the updates on the move.

    – Midhun VP

  2. Jason Lax

    It’s a great app and I use it daily.  It’s very practical for staying connected while on the go: at SAP TechEd, for example.

    There’s also a handy send button so that I can forward the URL to colleagues or myself if something needs to be followed up on.

    Yes, it would be nice to have the reputation program integrated but at least the app offers increased opportunities for members to be the first to reply correctly to a thread. 😉

  3. Former Member

    nice app been using for a very long time, but only problem is screen loading takes some time may be due to connectivity , apart from that everything works smooth.

        1. Midhun VP

          It’s not only because of that actually. Even you are not running the app you can see the data used by the app is higher, its because of the background process of the app. It seems like background process is higher than the foreground.

  4. Vivek Singh Bhoj

    Hi Jitendra,

    I had already tried this app months ago.

    As Midhun VP  mentioned, this app is good when we want to get updates and notifications on the move.

    Except that i don’t like any thing about this app, first thing limited functionality as already mentioned

    The thing that I hate the most is even afterr pressing Back button the app does not exit and I have to click Home button to exit the app( just shows it was directly ported from IOS and does not use Android functionality)

    I prefer to open full Desktop Site on my Chrome or Dolphin Browser and can do everything thats possible on my laptop 🙂



    1. Former Member

      +1 Vivek.

      And I miss the “report abuse” button. The rating stars & review for blog post too. And you cannot share via LinkedIn or Twitter either.

      Still, it’s a nice application for reading blog posts and being notified when new stuff is out. But I’m really missing some cool features to use it more often.



  5. Former Member

    I was about post like why there is no SAP app for mobiles phones. but stepped back before posting just searched in the SCN i come across your blog 🙂

    Thanks for this handy App ℹ just installed in my phone.. 🙂 I was amazed to see the options in the app 😎

  6. Former Member

    I have installed Jive Application  on Samsung Android Phone When I give URL in Jive Application. It

    requested to enter Jive URL  I entered   in Jive Application to connect

    but couldnt able to connect It is showing a pop up message to enter correct URL.

    The same URL I have used in browser It is connected with activation code.

    How can I get connected through Jive

  7. Former Member

    SCN should come up with direct installation of android application on phone . Rather than installing Jive to give activation code. The procedure seems to be uncertain A member who is having already an account in SCN Member need to install jive to get connected. That is something different from other android applications

    I dont see an Icon on phone to connect directly Everytime I have to use browser to get connected

    To receive notification we have to install Jive we can also get email notification through gmail .

    As said byVivek Singh Bho   There is limited functionality Yes I agree.

    If i want to use SCN on my Phone I have to use Browser to get connected I believe its not an android application. It is just a browser but not android application.


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