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Customer is not created in the system though the system says it is created. Consequently, a runtime error MESSAGE_TYPE_X can be seen from ST22.

Shortdump info

Termination occurred in the ABAP program “SAPLSZA0” – in “ADDR_SAVE_INTERN”.
The main program was “RSM13000 “.

In the source code you have the termination point in line 553 of the (Include) program “LSZA0U47”.
The program “SAPLSZA0” was started in the update system.


“SAPLSZA0” or “LSZA0U47”



These types of problems are always caused by number ranges either being out of sync or no numbers left for the next address


1. Run the report “Z_OSSNOTE_445575” in the SAP Note 445575 to find out the highest address number already assigned in ADRC, ADRP together.
2. Add (say) 100 number to it.
3. Then, change the value of the current number in SA01 transaction, button “status”.

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    1. Former Member

      Hello Zsuzsanna,

      I am also facing the same problem.

      I did not get the exact idea behind the operation. Could you please explain a bit more.

      Thank you!




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