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Give and Take, Part II (periodically to be continued)

This is a “recycle” of a post I did long time ago. But I think it is timeless and ned to be repeated time after time.

SCN is a living and vibrant community and most of the projects, most of the SAP Competence Center I know can’t live without the collective brain and knowledge of scn.

“Why don’t you post it at scn” is something that is regularly heard at least 10 times before lunch. The new and improved “gamificated” version is even fun and challenging again.

And I am proud to be part of the community, proud of my very old 250 pt T-Shirt even if the bright orange color is ugly and also a little bit more proud, that I am now promoted as advanced blogger and proud of my now platinum status.

And I feeld even older when I realized that scn is now 10 years old.

The reaction of the people around me, in the projects, when I talked about my newest “merits” , like making it upon the scn frontpage, is always a real bummer.

“Don’t you have a life” was most often the immediate response. “I got something more interesting to do after hours” was another quote. “Was this done during work hours with our money?” is a frequently asked question by project leads.

These where the same people that always have an window open on their PCs with scn running next to their SAPGUIS, ABAPs and Web Screens. Speaking about information gathering, preaching about collaboration about the value of the community. And (now I am feeling defensive) – yes, I do have a life and friends – exactly because I value community and social behavior.

A community of this size and this depth of knowledge can only live and thrive if GIVE and TAKE is in a healthy balance. Those who contribute, organize or add value to the community should be looked at as a great part of the community, just like a friend who helped you out with something. Like in most communities, you can’t do much about the “leecher” and “lurker” (geek slang for people who only read the good stuff in communities, never posting) and of course, everybody is busy in their daily tasks and not everybody is a writer, blogger or hotline afficionado.

But hey, without all of us who spend the one or the other evening or weekend, just because we think that such a community has a value beyond pure business does not mean we are “these geeks from high school”.

(Actually, by now, I would be the geek teacher close to retirement).

On the other hand, we ARE all geeks and this is the beauty of scn. But coming to age and reason as a geek, this means also that anticipating “GIVING” means also adding value and knowledge, and this means value for all of us. Next time, you tell your coworker not to waste time writing for sdn, just think what additional time you had to spent in front of a SAP screen if there was no scn at all to get a nice and welcomed timely advice.

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  • Wonderful BLog 🙂

    Simply amazing. I enjoyed every bit of it. Every line developed a kind of excitement in me to read further.

    I completely agree with the concept of “Give and Take”. Its actually base of all the relationships whether its related to personal life or professional life. It leads to growth of both the peopple involved in it and so is the concept valid on SCN as well. SCN cant be alive without this concept. And obvioulsy giving and sharing knowledge always leads in its increment only. And that what happens in SCN.

    I really liked your blog. Superb 🙂



    • Hi Priyanka,

      thanks for this engaged comment. I am always happy to see other people that love and do things with a passion – something that is not happening very often these days.

      All the best


  • Hi Holger,

    Beautiful blog….! Its reality that every one will get the same questions in the office hours “was doing this during office hours?”. Even in my case, people observed and escalated to next level.

    But the real beauty and happiness is in the concept of “Give and Take” only

    Once again… very nice blog 🙂

    BR, Srinivas Salpala