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Beware side-effects when upgrade in related systems

When you upgrade your ECC or ERP system you will also have to plan activities in related systems. For instance, you will probably have to check BI data extraction in order to check everything is working fine, PI , SRM, APO, SCM integration….

A simple example. In my last upgrade we have a problem with SRM syncronization. Middleware in SRM needs to be reconfigured.  There is a lot of documentation on how to do this, including several changes in middleware. Once applied, we still have problems. “The table CRMATAB in the ERP system is empty, Run report SMOF_FILL_CRMATAB”. However our SRM system doesn’t have this report. Solution. Implement Note 1501685 – Table CRMATAB is empty. in SRM!!!

So, keep in mind in your upgrade that you will probably have to do a set of things in related systems. This could affect your upgrade landscape. For instance, if you plan to use a sandbox system to test the upgrade, it will be a good practice to also plan a sandbox of related systems in order to be able to test integration scenarios, apply corrections, etc., without impact your maintenance landscape. We do it and we success.

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  • Hi Alejandro,

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Could you please share what are the SAP release of SRM and PI (including patch level) while upgrading your ECC.



    • Just review the entries in the table CRMATAB in your ECC system. If it is empty (my case), select the P_ALL indicator and all the entries will be replicated. Otherwise. select only missing objects in ECC. (however P_ALL will work anyway, I think)

      • Mate

        There are 3 fileds for selection :

        1. P_SITE = ECC system

        2. P_OBJNAM = ?

        3. P_ALL = *

        What values to be filled for P_OBJNAM as in our ECC system the table is empty.

        Also I tried the combination

        1. P_SITE = ECC system &

        3. P_ALL = *

        But no entry in the table CRMTAB created?

        • In the case your ECC table is empty you should use the option:

          1. P_SITE = ECC system &

          3. P_ALL = *

          If it fails, please:

          • review your RFC connection (use SM59 or report RSRFCPIN) or
          • check your site and midleware syncronization is correctly defined ( you have to change in SMOEAC the version of the ECC system in ‘SITE’ option -> your ECC System->Site attributes, and in some cases, reconfigure synchronization -with tx R3AS for instance in our case- )