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Are You Making the Best Out Of Your LinkedIn Presence?

In this Google Hangout on Air video, Kristina Jaramillo answers the question: What are the top 3 “features” of LinkedIn that business people should care about?

Kristina Jaramillo of is a New York Times recognized LinkedIn expert who runs the

What are the top 3 “features” of LinkedIn that business people should care about?

  1. Keep your PERSONAL LinkedIn profile in top shape
  2. Share great content to create thought leadership
  3. Read LinkedIn Today to learn and engage

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  • I believe you should also try to add people who have very high visibility. For myself, I added some people from Australia/India who opened a network with a visibility of more than 10 million people… So this is something you should keep in mind as well.

    • Pablo:

      Interesting point.  Always wondered why people would have such large networks. They say we can’t have more than 150 good connections.

      I guess it all comes back to your objectives.

      For my personal profile, I like to keep it to people I know.

      But for a company page, the visibility thing makes sense.



    • Tammy,

      as always, you are very encouraging. Thanks.

      I really love LinkedIn, as it is so simple and targeted. Nervous about them allowing 13-year-olds to join. I think that is a mistake.

      LinkedIn is probably the tool where I get most inquiries, after my blog. Or maybe it’s even.



  • Natascha,

    Thanks for the tips. I am quite sure I am, in fact, not making the most of my LinkedIn presence. When I take the link in an email notification from them, some days the page renders perfectly, and other days it is barely legible and very difficult to even find any buttons or links, let alone get them to work. If these issues are a function of the browser I am required to use on my corporate laptop, I would have expected more consistent behavior, so I don’t know. Until I start seeing more consistency I just do the bare minimum to keep up with my connections.


    • Gretchen:

      that sounds very annoying. What is the browser you have to use?

      Unfortunately, the iPhone app is not great either.

      Can you participate in groups or does that look bad also?

      Cheers, so nice to see you pop up here,


      • Natascha,

        We are required to use IE8. They are working on an updated desktop for us, but I am not sure when it will be rolled out. Until then, I expect I’ll continue to struggle with a lot of sites, including LinkedIn.

        Yes, I belong to a few groups, and those pages also display inconsistently.

        It is always good to read your ideas here; thanks again for your post.