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Architecture of Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure in Technical Monitoring 7.1 SPX

The report AC_ALRT_ANALYSIS_TOOLS provides the plethora of tools to troubleshoot Technical Monitoring issues in 7.1. However most of us would get confused with the new jargons that we come across while troubleshooting. Hence I decided to dismantle the Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure by individual components to understand the events and workflows.

Below picture represents the MAI in Technical Monitoring


Source: SAP

So let us see the individual components in above picture and understand what is happening behind the scene.

1. Data Provider Connector


The Data Provider Connector(DPC) receives metric values from the Data Providers typically different Agents involved in the setup.There is a huge inflow of data from these providers hitting the DPC at regular intervals. DPC verifies validity of recieved data with the central configuration settings and the metrics which are not configured are rejected.

Behind the Scences:

1. Metric values from the Data Providers are recieved at Data Provider Connector
2. A Web Service receives error messages from Data Providers and Checks if retrieved metrics are valid. Metrics which are not
known in central configuration are rejected.
3. If the Metric is Reporting relevant it is sent to BW Store
4. If the Metric is Monitoring and Alerting relevant it is sent to Event Calculation Engine.

2. Event Calculation Engine


Event Calculation Engine calculates the current status and the events from the metric values. So it acts as a Traffic Signal Indicator, it decides what rating to be given for the Metric just recieved from the DPC. The Metric is compared against the Configuration settings and a combination of Current Status + Rating (Green, Yellow, red) is decided.

Behind the Scences:

1. The Data Provider Connector sends Metriv value to the Event Calculation Engine
2. Arrive at a ‘Event’ which is a mixture of Current Status+ Rating for the Metric in hand.
3. Event+ Metric Store is updated with the arrived rating and status for the Metric.

3. Alert Consumer Connector


Alert Consumer Connector receives new alerts from Event Calculation Engine and decides what happens to the alerts.

Behind the Scences:

1. Alertsfrom Event Calculation Engine is recieved at the Alert Consumer Connector
2. Calculates if a new Alert has to be generated od any existing alert to be updated.
3. New or updated alerts are written to the Alert Store
4. Decides based on central alert configuration if the alert has to be forwarded to any other 3rd party tools.



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      Author's profile photo Himanshu sharma
      Himanshu sharma

      Very nice info Vivek!!

      It will be very helpful.



      Author's profile photo Thorsten Henrici
      Thorsten Henrici

      Hello Vivek,

      thanks a lot for giving this overview.

      Do you know, in what BW Info Providers the MAI metric data actually goes?

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Raghav S
      Raghav S
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Vivek,


      Need to know one of the info about the alert storage.


      Before third party tool consume the alerts the alerts will be stored as part of table right?


      If yes what is the table name where MAI based alerts will be storing.