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Steps to use GenericContainer_Admintool in BI 4.0

Steps to follow to launch and use GenericContainer_Admin tool :

Admin tool location: <server Installation path>\java\apps\WebiAdmintool\GenericContainer_Admintool.jar


Provide all the login details and then click on the required WEBI and APS server to open it


Select the Required WEBI and APS servers

Increase the History size from 100 to required value on both WEBI and APS servers


Select the “Relationship tab” to check the relation between WEBI and APS  bridge




Open the  required webi report in BI launch Pad to test

Now click on play option next to “Activies Refresh” option in “ Generic Container_admin tool”  for both WEBI and APS servers


Now click on refresh, select the required prompts and Run the query in BI launch Pad

Stop the Activities Refresh

Check the Activities Monitoring for both WEBI and APS servers to identify the issues.



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