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SCN: Connect ! Connection ! Connections !

This blogs describes the importance of SCN connections.

You : Connect !   SCN : Connection !    We : Connections ! 

SAP Community Network (SCN) is the one of the best social network for SAP & IT all professionals. SCN is where you can learn new things and earn mission points, engage more & many IT members. SCN will help us to grow and advance our career. I request everyone to follow about SCN to stay up to date with the latest SCN news, projects and features.

“Growth of a SCN is through growth of its connections”

I request each and every one to learn about SCN, how SCN works, how SCN connects, how SCN shares, how SCN motivates, how SCN appreciates, how SCN plays a major role & vital part in IT connections. SCN social network for SAP & IT professionals, changes the way thousands of SAP users work every seconds.

“A simple hello makes a difference to connections”

We can make more friends in one minute by becoming interested in other people blogs, documents and discussions. This is not a big deal. The only big task is how to connect with new SCNians and how to extend SCN Connections. I don’t care whether you are experienced or fresher; SCN connections run the universe. SCNians don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care for them. I request you to care for our new SCN connectors and motivate them. This will automatically make them to care for us.

Be human ! Be Professional ! Be Helpful !


Why we need to connect ?

I request everyone to write an article or blog post about them, share their project with your community, offer to spread their message through a video interview with them. Most job openings are filled through networking and referrals, the best way to understand about people, community, and new openings through SCN connections. Always spend more time connecting with your current network of friends and colleagues and see where it helpful for your life and career. 100% I am sure everyone will succeed if you connect through connection, which will make more and more connections.

5 Keys in SCN connection for connecting people :

  • Always listen more than you interact
  • Raise queries and ask other SCNians to help you
  • Try to share about your technical and non technical skills
  • Appreciate and motivate other SCNians
  • Always show interest on others blogs, documents, discussions…..

One Person >> One Website >>> More Connections 

Why is connecting with others important?

SCN provide us a technical and social website that helps us to improve our knowledge and refresh our technical skills. We dont knows the person who are members in SCN website. with the help of SCN Connections, we will come to know each and everything about the member and content they are sharing.

SCN looks more simple >> But SCN is more powerful for connecting people


How to connect others using connections?

It’s simple and easy! In your daily life, we meet many different of people and look them in the eye and shake their hand whenever you meet them. This clearly indicates that you show respect to the person and allows them to feel comfortable and interested. Always don’t talk about yourself, they will get bored. Always think positive and ask them questions and listen to them. Most of the people in this universe like and love to talk about themselves and it can make it easy for you to connect.

MMM Concept: Must, Many, More

You Must Connect >>> Many SCN Connection >> More IT Connections

Where we need to connect others?

Very simple question! SCN

Welcome to SCN!


Be happy ! Make others happy!

People are everywhere and everyplace! Please make Extraordinary connections happen!

Stay Blogged ! Stay Connected !

Connect Connect Connect ! Till your heart disconnects ! 🙂

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