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Music to the Ears of SAP’s Learners

CDcase.jpgRemember having to carry around bulky CDs (or cassette tapes, for those of us who were around when dinosaurs roamed the earth) when you wanted to listen to music on the road? These days, all we need to do is plug into our phones or tablets for the latest music – – music that we don’t even have to download but which we can stream freely anytime, anywhere.

Now, what if you could apply this freedom to upgrading your SAP application knowledge? Imagine being able to hone your skills and train for SAP certifications anywhere you happen to be, at any time of your choosing. No more bulky training materials to lug around, no need to travel to training centers, or learn according to someone else’s schedule.

SAP Education has a cloud-based offering called SAP Learning Hub which allows subscribers to control how they learn SAP solutions. You can have unlimited access to thousands of learning titles at your fingertips so you can make the most of any down time you might have during your workday by upgrading your SAP knowledge in the way that works best for you.

SAP Learning Hub subscribers can also use its social learning capabilities to collaborate with other SAP learners to trade experiences and insights. While many learners will doubtless be keen to consume all the learning they can about SAP innovation topics like SAP HANA and enterprise mobility, there are scores of others who’ll be interested in accessing knowledge in rather niche areas.

In essence, SAP Learning Hub does the same thing for your learning opportunities as digital entertainment does for your ability to enjoy music.

We already work on-the-go. Why not learn that way, too?

Today, sitting in an airport lounge or in a coffee shop next to a train station can be as productive as sitting in a classroom. Imagine you’re just killing time, waiting for your mode of transportation to take you to another SAP implementation. The wasted hours of travel time has just become an opportunity to connect with SAP Learning Hub and access the thousands of knowledge-building titles available.

Or maybe you need to access training material to prepare for your upcoming SAP certification exam. It’s all there: you never again have to be cut off from the latest updates to course handbooks and e-learning titles during projects. You can take control of your own personal skills upgrade. You become the pilot, setting your own course. Learn at your speed, where and when you want to. This significantly increases your chances of success.

So if you could connect to SAP learning and training content wherever you went, just think how might this increase your immediate productivity or improve your long-term marketability. So take control of building your skills and subscribe to SAP Education’s latest cloud-based knowledge onboarding solution, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

With customers and partners increasingly using SAP Learning Hub when and where they like, they’re discovering time away from the office might just be the most valuable time of the day! And who knows — learning this easily might even become as enjoyable as streaming your favorite tunes.

You can find out more about SAP Learning Hub by reviewing these useful resources:

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice post..!!!

      Author's profile photo Dirk Mayrock
      Dirk Mayrock

      Hi Sabine,

      If learning is just a matter of "time" your statement "sitting in an airport lounge or in a coffee shop next to a train station can be as productive as sitting in a classroom" would become true.

      But to "learn something" it needs much more than just a bit of "time". Yes you can read an document in a coffee shop but i'm shure you will not really understand it and you have no one to ask if there is something not clear.

      I bet most of us haven't "learned" for school or university test during a short stop over in coffee shops. So why should this be different from learning SAP stuff?

      I think the following article from Tammy Powlas is worth reading...

      All the best.