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Lumira Expert Team – A personal “Thanksgiving Challenge”

I stumbled across these guys by accident today whilst surfing around my followers on twitter.

The “Lumira Expert Team”


They posted a fun SCN blog titled Happy Thanksgiving – A Visualisation where they show the monthly cost of turkey, per pound, over a six year period.


BUT,  I couldn’t help thinking SAP Lumira and SP12 has so much more to offer so I asked for the dataset and had a play myself…. The challenge was set !


Here Goes nothing …..

Step 1.

Get the data in order

From this ..


To this:


So much easier to work with now.

Simply if you want to visualise a measure over time the best chart type is a line graph.


Use the basic predictive algorithms and plot the linear regression to look into the future price per pound


Another interesting way of showing the movement of the price per pound over time


Building to the big crescendo with a storyboard but sadly a #FAIL


I don’t want to end on a negative note but sadly SP12 doesn’t have the stability I experienced in SP11 in my honest opinion, HTML5 looks great but maybe needs more hands on testing and real world feedback on usage.

But not to be beaten …


And one more thing …


As you can see from the timestamps on the twitter screenshots, this took me no more than 45 minutes, including writing the blog and all the screenshots.  SAP Lumira is really that easy.

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      Former Member

      I am in awe!! Amazing job!!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Bijan, I was just having fun visualising data.

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      Former Member

      This shows the simple and effective way of visualizing data.

      If you want to start with a simple project, this is def. the place to start!

      Thanks again Andrew!

      Author's profile photo Andreas J A Schneider
      Andreas J A Schneider

      Often the simple basics are ignored such as using line charts for time series as a rule of thumb.

      But one should also consider adjusting prices for inflation, or consider displaying instead how long on average a worker has to work in minutes to be able to afford a certain commodity.

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      Former Member

      Great tip Andreas, thank you!

      Data can be shown in many ways, and while line charts for a time series is a "simple basic" ... LOOK AT ALL THOSE PRETTY COLOURS!!!

      How can you not love that visualization in all it's awesome pretty-ness.... *giggles*

      Anyways, Andreas you bring up a really great point. Perhaps you could share some more simple basics in relations to the styles of visualizations that one should use to types of data.

      SAP Lumira SP12 currently offers:

      • Bars
        • Column Chart
        • Stacked Column Chart
        • Column Chart with dual axis values
        • 3D Column Chart
      • Lines
        • Line Chart
        • Area Chart
        • Combined Column and Line Chart
        • Line Chart with Dual Axes
        • Combined Column and Line Chart with dual axis values
      • Pies
        • Pie Chart
        • Doughnut Chart
        • Pie with variable slice depth
      • Geography
        • Geographic Bubble Chart
        • Chloropleth Chart
        • Geo Pie Chart
      • Scatters
        • Scatter Chart
        • Bubble Chart
        • Scatter Matrix Chart
      • Maps
        • Tree Map
        • Heat Chart
      • Tables
        • Table
      • Others
        • Radar Chart
        • Box Plot Chart
        • Waterfall Chart
        • Tag Cloud Chart
      • Extension Chart
        • Parallel Coordinate Chart
        • Funnel Chart

      And as always, we look forward to your own visualizations!! 🙂

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      Former Member

      Hi Andrew,

      Good Day!

      Nice analysis! I appreciate.

      Keep sharing new things. Have a nice day!


      Hari Suseelan