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“Feature’s” Decision Criteria

In my last blog – Feature LGMST – Planned payment specification, I emphasized the importance of LGMST feature. I found one interesting comment from Rémi Corriveau’s asking me to provide details to add missing “Decision Criteria” to this feature. Since his suggestion was pretty generic (which is applicable to all features), I decided to put down the related information as a separate blog (rather than editing the existing one).


The list of decision criteria can usually be found for any feature using the below navigation path – PE03 Transaction – “Attributes” – “Struct”.

In case of LGMST feature, we can see the below list of decision fields already defined. But these fields that are defined here are not the final set of fields. If your requirement demands, you may add in the missing fields that exist in structure but not in this final list of decision criteria fields.


Adding additional decision criteria

The final set of decision criteria/valid fields for decision can be found from the structure. You may find this structure details by navigating through “Attributes” – “Struct” – “Structure name for decision fields”. You could view the actual structure definition (in this case it’s PME07 for LGMST feature) from SE11 transaction–


At times, not all structure fields may be directly available in the Feature’s field list i.e. in this case, the fields – INFTY and LGART are not there in list of decision criteria for my feature-LGMST. In such cases, you can add these fields by following steps –

1. Type in the feature name in PE03 transaction homepage and select the “Attributes” option and click on “Change” button –


2. Click on “Stuct” button to navigate to the next screen –


3. You can now add the missing fields to the final list of decision fields that allows us to define conditions based on these new fields. It’s not just adding new decision criteria, if you don’t want any of the existing decision criteria, you many deselect them to have them not displayed as “Decision Criteria” anymore in the feature decision tree(I would suggest users to do this activity [i.e. removing decision criteria] very carefully).


4. Activate your feature and making the changes.

In this case, I have added INFTY field to the list of Decision criteria which gets displayed in the actual feature definition.


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      Former Member

      Hi Raja,

      Thanks for the valuable information.

      I have a small doubt in this, usually we do default the feature's with the default values. In your example, you have added INFY to default an infotype. May I know in what scenarios we do add and default the fields and infotypes.

      Thanks again.


      Jayasree K

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Jayasree,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Well, again, this topic is very generic. My example of adding INFTY decision criteria might not make any sense in business terms at all 🙂 , but I am just trying to demonstrate the way to add/remove the decision fields on which you can design you "Feature".

      I forgot to mention one important point - Let's say if you have a scenario where you would like to default wage type based on "Business Area". We know for sure that PME07 doesn't have this decision criteria field - Business Area. In such cases, Please follow the below steps -

      1. Copy the standard structure or design a new structure with all needed fields i.e. in our case we would Business Area to this structure.

      2. Replace the Feature's structure from PME07 to the new structure.

      Let me know if I have answered your actual Q.


      Raja Sekhar

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      Former Member

      Thanks Raja,

      I came to few things from you as well.


      Jayasree D

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      You are welcome 🙂

      Author's profile photo Jimson Michael
      Jimson Michael

      Hi Raja,

      Very much appreciated the way you are selecting topics .

      I also have a doubt in the Feature section. I want to make decision based on PA.

      But we have PA in 2001,2002..etc so the end digit only changing...So to make decision for all PA together like 200* whether its possible to do in that way???

      Can you please provide some inputs on that...

      Thanks & Regards


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Great Blog Raja .


      regarding your question ,We can use Offset and Length property to suffice your requirement.

      You need to add WERKS for decision and then click on change decision and provide Offset and Length ,hope this is clear.



      Author's profile photo Jimson Michael
      Jimson Michael

      Thank you worked......I have never used this property till after 4 years in SAP still lot to learn even on basics as well........ 😉 ...What is the use of offset and other comparison values ???

      Thanks raja and sheshu........

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Agreed with Seshu !

      Author's profile photo Vijay Singh Siwach
      Vijay Singh Siwach

      Its Good Raja