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Explorer performance and stability enhancement – now accessing MDX BAPI .unv using a 64 bit process!

Hi Everyone,

As you no doubt know: in BI 4.0, when accessing BW OLAP data through an MDX BAPI .UNV  – [using tools such as Web Intelligence, or Explorer (since SP06)] – the SOFA / MDA olap middleware was only ever a porting of the BOE XI3.x 32-bit library.. hence required hosting an out-of-process relationship with ConnectionServer32.

However, since BI4.1 SP01 (GA) this library has been ported to 64-bit, allowing it to be hosted in-process in the WebIProcessingServer.

OK… But you may ask – How is this administered in practice?

Well, i refer you to section “7.11.1 To Enable SAP BW 64-bit Connections” in the 4.1 Data Access guide:

Please be aware that you  need to explicitely choose this 64-bit BW driver (in install UI) when upgrading .

For example, after completing my update from 4.0 SP06 to 4.1 SP01,  I had to go back to the original ‘baseline’ install (in my case, SP04) and click ‘Modify’ .  I then located this option: 


For info, this was already a 64-bit process on Linux in BI4.0; but on Windows platforms it was added  with the advent of 4.1 SP1 (GA), and is planned to be back-ported to 4.0 SP08. 

I ‘ll also confirm again that the Explorer Indexing process continues to go through tge WebIntelligence Processing Server to access .unv (since BI4.0 it doesn’t go directly, as in XI3.x).

To conclude – the above mentioned enhancement should help mitigate against the SP06 tuning recommendations (as required previously for Explorer – BW OLAP .unv support, on the old 32 bit library) in the area of:

  • WebIntelligence Processing Server – CORBA “-requestTimeout 7200000” parameter – see note 1776896.
  • WebIntelligence Processing Server – “Maximum Character Stream Size (MB):” from 5MB to 500MB – see note 1370045.
  • Universe Designer – Array Fetch Size from 10 to 1000;
  • Universe Designer – Parameters: “DISABLE_ARRAY_FETCH_SIZE_OPTIMIZATION” from “No” to “Yes”- see note 1763544.

I hope this information is of use to you.

Kind Regards,


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    • More evident will be the stability gains, if you remember the old 32-bit process was capped at 2gb … and crashed a lot when fetching long MDX calls

  • Excellent info Henry, thanks for getting this out there.  I have a KBA that I will be updating with this new info.  I heard rumours SP08 will also contain the 64-bit ODA driver, have you had a chance to test that out at all? 

    • Hi JB,

      That’s my understanding – this feature is supposed to be back-ported to SP08 too, but I haven’t had the chance to validate that for myself.



  • Thanks Henry.

    The explicit selection of the SAPBW64 install explains why some of the Explorer customers reported that they still need CS32 running even post SP01.

  • Hi Henry,

    Great info here.  Any idea if the use of the 64bit option also affects the use of SNC?  If the UNV is using 64bit driver can it also use STS if the universe connection is set to use Single Sign On?


    • Hi Jason,

      Sorry for the late reply! I totally missed this..

      I can confirm:  In 4.1 We have upgraded the webi portion to 64-bit & included a new 64 bit SAPcrypto driver with the install.

      But CR2011/13 still uses 32 bit, and since the CMC can only specify 1 library there are some issues.

      For webi only, it should work out of the box once SNC is properly setup with the now included driver.

      For customers using both, we have to specify 2 libraries by putting CR in a registry key.

      Also, this is NOT for all WEBI scenarios – Only when WEBI is requiring it, as seen in the CPIC logs.

      To this effect, Here are 3 important articles that were created out of Support:

      KBA 1954305 – Where to find the proper SNC DLL on the SMP 
      KBA 1954202 – HOW-TO: Configuring SNC using the COMMONCRYPTOLIB library found on the SMP
      KBA 1954213 – Crystal and WEBI SNC not functioning together  


      • Hi Henry,

        It’s been a fun day working through an SNC issue on 4.1 SP2. We’d installed the SAP BW 64 bit driver as part of the upgrade but didn’t link this to the “Incomplete Logon Data” error we got on all OLAP UNVs – we just assumed the upgrade had wiped the SNC config.  Some digging in the CPIC logs showed errors loading the 32 bit quest lib (we’re not using sapcrypo) so we tried the 64 bit lib and all was good again. I then remembered reading your blog late last year so i thought I’d add this finding.  Wish I’d checked it earlier this morning, as I’d have seen your update from last week!  This is an important post manual action for anybody installing the new drivers.

        Cheers, Kevin