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The purpose of this blog is to provide simple step by step process for defaulting wage types in 0008 infotype. Reading the discussions in the SCN forum, I notice just how many other consultants are experiencing problems when configuring them.

Step 1 : Maintain Planned payment specification LGMST feature.

The Planned remuneration specification feature (LGMST) determines default wage types in conjunction with control features: company code, personnel area, personnel subarea, employee
group, employee subgroup and the subtype of the record.

The return code matrix has the following structure: XX/YYYYYYYY, which
has the following meaning:
XX           maximum number of wage types per record
YYYYYYYY     forms the name for the wage type model and is read from table T539A

Once the entry is maintained , activate the feature.


Step 2 : Set up default wage types for the Basic Pay infotype (0008)

Go to path SPRO–> Personnel Management –> Personnel Administration –> Payroll Data –> Basic Pay –> Wage Types –> Revise Default Wage Types.

This configuration is country specific. When a new infotype record is created, the value defined using the feature is offered as a default value. Which values you receive depends on the organizational assignment of the employee.

The defaulted wage type model can be deleted if it is marked with mode 0 (optional) in the view Default wage types for basic pay (V_T539A). When wage types are marked with mode F (fixed) this is not possible.


While I am pretty sure that most of you are aware of these things I still wanted to publish these things for the benefit of other HCM consultants who are not aware.

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  1. Former Member

    Will the wagte types now assigned to IT8 change when I change the ESG to one that is assigned to a different Wage Type Model with different wage types?

    It seems to me once wage types have been assigned to IT 8 and I change to another ESG linked to a different WT Model with different WT, the initially assigned WT remain on IT 8


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