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When CRM meets Wearable Technology

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It’s rare to hear a sales professional loves using the company’s CRM system. Salespeople wants to spend more time talking to customers and closing deals than spending time updating customers’ data in the CRM system, because that task is time-consuming, and time is money. The truth is most CRM systems available today are more useful to the sales managers and executives because they use the CRM systems to gain insight on overall and individual sales performance.

With the integration of SAP Cloud for Customer and Pebble Smart Watch, sales professionals can easily access and update CRM data on their wrists without having to take out their phones, tablets or laptops.

When I compose use cases for this integration, I focused on the most common scenarios:

•     You can check on upcoming activities in the calendar on the smart watch, and post canned replies using SMS, Email, or even SAP Jam. It is useful when you are running late for a meeting and you need to quickly notify all stakeholders, saying “on my way; be there in 5 minutes.”

•     When calling or receiving a call from a customer, you can use the caller ID to retrieve notes about the customer, or tasks that have to be performed during the call. This is useful because sometimes the salesperson needs to answer the phone without handsfree headsets, but he wants to see relevant information about this call and this customer. You can now see this information on the watch, instead of on the phone itself.

•     Complete or update the task while talking on the phone with a customer.

Smart watches such as Pebble are the future of wearable tech. Using the smart watch to access CRM data allows quick information retrieval and therefore, empowers the salespeople.

*I will be demoing on stage at SAP Teched Demojam Las Vegas so wish me luck 😉 !  You can also follow me on twitter: @ycefan

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