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Updating Audit Universe 4.0 to 4.1

Step by Step Process to update BO Audit Universe 4.0 to 4.1

Step 1: Create a Relational Connection for your new Audit Database 4.1

Right click on Local Project, and Create a new relational connection


Give relevant connection name and description as in snap shot below and click on next


Select Database driver, in my case it is MS SQL SERVER 2008 OLE DB and click on next,


Fill in Connection Parameters and test connection on Successful test click on Finish,


Step 2: Export the Relational Connection to BO 4.1 Repository

Right click on Relational connection created in previous step and select Publish Connection to a Repository


Connect to BO 4.0 Repository and then click next,


Select folder and click on finish,


Click on Yes to create a secured connection shortcut in local project,


Final Screen,


Step 3:Open Audit Universe’s Data Foundation, go to Connection tab and change the connection

Open Audit universe’s Data Foundation file,


Click on change connection, and select the secured new connection, Click OK


Step 4: Change the Qualifier/Owner of all the tables of the schema and save data foundation

Right click on the table and select change Qualifier/Owner ,


Select the new Qualifier and Owner,


Repeat the above step for all the tables in schema, save the Data Foundation.

Step 5: Open Business Layer of Audit database check the integrity and export it to BO 4.1 Repository

Right click on Business Layer of Audit Universe, and select Publish to a Repository,


Click on Check All, click on Check Integrity,


On checking business layer integrity, check are there any errors if not click on next,


Select the folder to save the universe, and click on finish,


Click on close to finish.


You have successfully made the Audit universe working for 4.1! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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