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Me, Myself, SDN and now SDN is SCN @10Years

Me, Myself, SDN and now SDN is SCN @10Years

Hello SCN family and greetings for tenth anniversary!!!!

This is my 1st blog in SDN/SCN and first, I thanks to Krysten Bradley for providing an opportunity to participate in “SCN and Me- Blog Competition”.

Honestly speaking, writing blog is more difficult than answering a thread as thread needs to be answered with technical skills & business knowledge whereas writing blog needs one person creativity with design of art knowledge! I have been thinking writing a blog in SDN/SCN but with my busy schedules, it is difficult to find sufficient time to go for a creativity thought!

SDN 2011.PNG

SCN 2013.PNG

In the real and reality, with speedy modern management world – one need to be works with multiple projects (support projects) or single implementation project with ‘Time and Material’ Scenario and manage to finds little time for answering to threads.

SCN to “SAP Consultant” World

SCN always provides (by search you can find or can create a new thread) concept, solution to any business scenarios whereas delivering solution depends on consultant consulting skills. Fair enough!!  You all still agree to disagree, but in SCN normally you can find at least 2/3 viable solutions for any business requirement.

SCN more than a Friend

To be perfectly honest – I do remember exactly, I joined SCN on 3rd July 2007 for an issue related to ‘Resource Related Billing” and smartly benefited. From then I started benefiting from the contents on SCN and contributing to SCN by sharing my little knowledge. Seven Years Ahead and if I analyse the structure and development to myself- Jumps one company to another company and move one project to another project but still I am with SDN/SCN- the true friend. Wherever one go, one needs to follow SDN/SCN until he/she belongs to SAP world!

For me and for all SAP Consultants, SCN is No.1 central data base for any business solution where one can search real business solution available in detail by having SCN user Id or without SCN user Id. You all must have question how SCN is No.1 central data base for any business solution? Now the answer with me with an example: I remember – I contributed to a thread with detailed steps in 2008 and the same detailed steps are used and benefited in my previous project in 2012.The sensation of getting details steps within 20 minutes only can be understand by project consultant(implementation project) where time, solution and delivery are concerned.

SCN is Invisible Teacher

In SCN, you can share and gain knowledge by managing your professional and personal life where your gained knowledge depends on how you love SCN 😘 . In the process of gaining knowledge or benefiting from SCN contents, one fine day morning you will realise SCN teaching you a lot! The quantum of knowledge you gained cannot be compare with any currency USD or GBP amount. One can be in expert in one module and with help of SCN; he/she can gain reasonable good knowledge in other modules also 🙂 .

Conclusion SCN and Me- Blog Competition

Before concluding, like to share acknowledgments from SCN.

1st T-Shirt as SDN Member in 2007.jpg

T-Shirt -SAP TechEd Bangalore 2007.jpg

Top Contributor  2008.PNG

Love to get support and encouragement by answering threads with compensating my missing time in any social networking sites. Many thanks to my present project for encouraging me write this blog ( excuse me, if any grammatical mistake 😉 ) and in future, I will be concentrating to write few technical/functional business blogs if time permit.

Thanks for taking time to read my 1st blog.


Biju K

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  • Sir, I don’t think, there might be any question, left unanswered by you. I can see your presence in almost each and every question in the forum I visit. Really great to see all your comments. Just keep answering the similar way.

    Sowmyesh Maniyar

  • Hi Biju,

        I was searching for your BIF and ended up here. Your contribution in MM forum is huge and this blog is really motivating! Thanks for your continuous support.

        Expecting your BIF soon!!!!

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Hi,

    Good Blog,

    It is very nice to stay connected with SCN other than Social networks,

    it is really amazing experience with SCN to stay update and connect with Good Guys,

    With Regards,


  • Dear Biju sir,

    When I joined SCN, then I noticed the two people Jurgen & You who are famous on SCN.

    Many time When the thread is answered bu You or JURGEN, then people around me say ” ohh…Biju had replied then it must have like this way to do the troubleshooting”

    Sir , Many time i feel like talking you over email  or chat, but this forum doesn’t make it easy to have two way communication.

    Please allow me to send you direct message or in case i might take your opinion over a email.


  • Glad to know more about you through this Blog and I am happy to note that you have taken photographs of T-Shirts which has cherished my memory way back in 2007-2008 during which, I also got those T-Shirts but unfortunately, I have not taken snap shot as you have done.

    Coming to the views you expressed, I also fully accept your comments “Honestly speaking, writing blog is more difficult than answering a thread”.  Though many times, I decided to post some blog, I could not do so since I don’t have that much of patience to gather points and frame it. 🙁

    G. Lakshmipathi

    ps:-  Your blog has missed my attention earlier and now only, I saw this and hence, thought of adding my views.

  • Hi Biju,

    Appreciate your valuable suggestions and solutions at all times which helped me solving many issues. Nice reading your blog and keep up the good work.