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The case of “dynamic columns in smartform”

Hi all,

Recently there were some posts regarding dynamic columns in smart form.

So I thought I will share an idea how to make life a little more easier when you are facing such a pesky requirement.

Also I hope people will look at the code and verify that it is working well…

The input for this program is table SPFLI .

The program output:



This is repeated…..


The idea was to create a data model that will represent a matrix in the program.

The matrix is represented by intenal tables:

it_axis_x : represent the horizontal axis, this will contain the headers data.


it_axis_y : represent the vertical axis, this will contain the label data .


it_cell_v : Contain the actual data and pointer information relating to the axis .

And now lets dive into the code:

Class Y_R_EITAN_TEST_31_03_CL

All the data elements that are shared by the program and the smartform are stored in this class .

Every thing is in the “PUBLIC SECTION” .


Program Y_R_EITAN_TEST_31_03

The main forms are:

FORM get_data_1 : This form read the input table and transform the data into matrix .

I put a BREAK-POINT statement so we can look at the data:




FORM prt_data_1 : This form receive the matrix and print the matrix slice by slice.

Since I need to call the smartform in a loop I am using functions SSF_OPEN and SSF_CLOSE .

SmartForm Y_R_EITAN_TEST_31_03

The form source is y_r_eitan_test_31_03.xml (attach file)

Note the use of Y_R_EITAN_TEST_31_03_CL=>


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