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How to Predict the Future in Lumira SP12

I have been exchanging ideas with Sam Ko about how to predict using Lumira.  Then someone asked this morning how this Visual Intelligence 1.0.4 tutorial works in SP12:

At first, because the navigation has changed, I couldn’t easily find it.  Looking at the help, the functionality was still there.

1filter timehierarchy.png

In the above, I already have a time hierarchy and filtered for United States only.  Perhaps I want to use past data to predict expected order quantity in the future.

2fig drag order date.png

In the measures I drag over order quantity,and then drag over the order date / month as the attribute for the axis.


Then select the dropdown by measure and select Predictive calculation > Forecast


I select 12 periods to forecast in the future.


In the above you can see forecast order quantity is the green bars and it is predicting into 2014.

But a bar chart doesn’t easily help you detect trends.


I switch to a line chart and also add linear regression in orange.

For more details on how this works, please see SAP Lumira (formerly SAP Visual Intelligence): … | SCN

So now, maybe I might dive in and predict/forecast some NFL games with Lumira, along with Sam Ko – I could’ve used it today for some of the games.

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