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Self Learning ABAP

As i saw in no. of thread(s) peoples are looking for learning SAP ABAP, but due to some costly training or financial problem or can be something else, they are not able to join institutes. So here i am sharing some links, How you can learn ABAP by own. Hope it will be a useful help for beginner to learn ABAP.

Some  links for SAP ABAP.


2.What is SAP ..?

3.Modules in SAP..

4.What is SAP transaction code?

5.What is ABAP..?

6.ABAP Dictionary

7.ABAP Dictionary – SAP Library

8.List of Transaction codes – ABAP Development

9.Sams Teach Yourself ABAP/4.

10.SAP Library – BC – ABAP Programming

11.ABAP Development and Programming – ABAP Development – SCN Wiki

12.Abap Books




16.SAP ABAP Tutorial – Day 1 – YouTube

17.ABAP Module Pool abap-how to create a program-se38 – YouTube

19.Create First ABAP Program In SAP – Free SAP Tutorials

More information can be find on Google or SCN very easily.

How to install SAP Software and make it to work  :

1.Open the following link and make a account on it.


You will receive a user name and password after sometime on your registered mail id.. (Password will be valid for only one day, but no issue you can apply for new password easily.)

2. Download SAP NetWeaver Software

Once the download completed you can Install it.

Once its installed in your system, you will got this kind of Shortcut in your system.

Run it.Following Screen will appear.  Now click on the Highlighted icon  (New).

Then Select the User Specified System and Next. It will come like this.

  You need to fill following details in this ..

Description:             IDES

Application Server:   dkmgd37
Instance No.:             10
System-ID:                  E66

SAProuter-String:       /H/

Then press Finish.You have successfully created a new connection.

Now in starting screen you will got a new connection like this. Double click on this.

Double click on this.  It will open a new screen, Here you need to provide Details which came to your mail id..

Now you Successfully logged in the SAP. Now provide the t-codes SE80 , in the upper-left most input field and enter.

Now Select the local object and press enter.

Now your package is open to use. now you can use it for making your program.

Here you can create your DataBase (For this firstly need to read all concept for ABAP Dictionary  ,Data Elements,  Domains )

Report Program : Tcode se38.

NOTE : It is Mandatory to start Program name with ‘Z’ or ‘Y’ as ‘A’ to ‘X’ is Reserved for SAP.

Some Imp. topics:

Create First ABAP Program In SAP – Free SAP Tutorials

Clients and Their Roles (SAP Library – Change and Transport System – Overview (BC-CTS))

Contribution from SCN member 🙂

Sams Teach Yourself ABAP/4                  by Manjunath Ravi

sap-abap-programming-training-videos   by Virinchy P

SAP Tutorial                                             by Pavol Kazimir


All ABAP Experts are most welcome to provide their contribution in this for more improvement.

All ABAP beginner are most welcome to ask your doubt related to same.


Thank you and Best Regards

Chandra Agarwal.

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