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My first look at Lumira

So today I’ve looked into the SAP Lumira software and I had a lot of fun messing around and making some interesting graphs.

The dataset I’ve been looking into is the olympics data since I’m a sports fan and I thought it would end up with some interesting scenario’s.

First scenario

The first scenario I came up with is a simple one just to test out the software and look at what it can actually do.


In this case I wanted to know who the athlete is with the most medals won in the olympics.

As you can see, the results are nicely presented and the result is very clear.

Second scenario

In this case I wanted to try to add some more attributes to the graph and make a more specified graph.


In this graph I wanted to know who earned the most medals in what city and divided the graph into 2 parts where you can easily find a difference between gender.

Third scenario

In this case I messed around with some settings and different attributes and measures.


Eventually I ended up making a graph showing which type of medals has been earned by the host country in their own games.

Fourth scenario

So in this scenario I wanted to try out a different graph and I’ve always had a weak for line graphs so this is my result.


Here I looked at the amount of medals the host country won, categorized by type of medal, over the years.

This graph actually turned out to be quite interesting if you know what country hosted the games in what year.

Last scenario

For my last scenario I wanted to use a different type of graph, add some attributes and mess around with filters and came up with the following.

Scenario 1.png

This graph really made me realise how powerfull the software actually is and what you can achieve with it when used by the right person.


After making the graphs, I found out that it’s also possible to make storyboards which are very interesting and come in handy for quickly make complex and nice looking graphs and maybe place them on 1 screen.


With this technology, it is also possible to give the chance to the user of choosing if they want to apply your preset selections.


I was surprised in the capabilities of the SAP Lumira software in a very positive way.

The software makes it possible to generate nice looking, very customizable, strong, … graphs.

It gives you a wide arrangement of different types of graphs and quite some different possibilities within that type.

It generates very quickly queries making the software easy to use.

I had a lot of fun testing out the SAP Lumira software and I recommend everyone to try it out.

Kind regards,

Gert M.


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