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Keyboard Shortcuts in HANA Studio

Hi Everyone,

As we all know HANA Studio is the most essential part of working with HANA.

Most of the work in HANA Studio is generally done graphically using Mouse and Clicks.

But we also have many Keyboard Shortcuts available in HANA Studio that would make working easier.

So I would just like to mention few shortcuts that I use frequently.

Now in SAP HANA Studio, we can get list of all Keyboard shortcuts:

Just Go to Help -> Key Assists

Key Assist.jpg

Or Alternatively press CTRL+SHIFT+L to get list of Keyboard Shortcuts as shown below:


As you can see it’s a very long list of Shortcuts, so I will mention few useful Shortcuts that I generally use:

To Open Help, Press F1

As we know when we work in HANA Studio, we open many Tabs/Editors(Views, SQL Console, Data Preview etc all open in New Tab)

To close current Tab, we can Press CTRL+F4

To close all Tabs, we can Press CTRL+SHIFT+F4

As we work a lot with these Tabs/Editors so switching between them is very important

To switch between recently opened Editors/Tabs, Press CTRL+F6


Alternatively, we can also open Backward and Forward History for Editors/Tabs, Press ALT+LEFT or ALT+RIGHT

Or to switch between Editors/Tabs, Press CTRL+SHIFT+E


There is one more option to switch quickly between Editors/Tabs, Press CTRL+E


To switch between Views(like Job Log, History, Timeline etc), Press CTRL+F7


To switch between recently opened Perspectives, Press CTRL+F8


We use System Navigator a lot to check Tables, Views, Decision Tables, Procedures etc and collapsing everything is a tedious task

So to collapse everything in Navigator, Press CTRL + SHIFT + NUM(/)

Since HANA SPS05, we could double click on any Tab/Editor and open it in full screen

So to maximize and minimize active Tab/Editor, Press CTRL+M

To search for Repository Objects, Press Ctrl + Shift + A


To create a New Project, Press ALT+SHIFT+N

To create a New Object, Press CTRL+N


To open any View, Press ALT+SHIFT+Q Z

It’s a pretty tough combination and for achieving this combination, press Press ALT+SHIFT+Q keys together and then release them and then press Z again


Below is a list of Shortcuts for opening any of the Views:

Show View Alt+Shift+Q Q
Show View() Alt+Shift+Q Z
Show View(Breakpoints) Alt+Shift+Q B
Show View(Cheat Sheets) Alt+Shift+Q H
Show View(Console) Alt+Shift+Q C
Show View(Declaration) Alt+Shift+Q D
Show View(Error Log) Alt+Shift+Q L
Show View(Javadoc) Alt+Shift+Q J
Show View(Outline) Alt+Shift+Q O
Show View(Package Explorer) Alt+Shift+Q P
Show View(Problems) Alt+Shift+Q X
Show View(Search) Alt+Shift+Q S
Show View(Synchronize) Alt+Shift+Q Y
Show View(Type Hierarchy) Alt+Shift+Q T
Show View(Variables) Alt+Shift+Q V

To search for a file in Workspace, Press CTRL+H


In this search, we can also Specify file extension:


We also use SAP HANA Development Perspective a lot, so let me list few Keyboard Shortcuts that I use

To open Declaration of an Object, Select that Object and Press F3


To Check a file, Press CTRL+F2

To Activate a file, Press CTRL+F3

To open properties of any file, select that file and Press ALT+ENTER


Lets say we created a File and then saved it. Then later on we edited that file.

So to go to Last edited location of that file, Press CTRL+Q

We also have Word Completion ability and ability to show template proposals in files in SAP HANA

To complete any word or show template proposals, Press CTRL+SPACE


Generally we explain our written code using comments, so to generate element comment, Press CTRL+SHIFT+J

It will generate three lines to write comment as shown below


We have some Keyboard Shortcuts for SQL Editor also:

To execute Query, Press F8

To execute only the Query where Cursor is, Press F9 (Note: Just make sure that different queries are separated by a Semicolon) – Thanks José Carlos Méndez for this info

To clear the Editor, Press F2

To format the Query, Press CTRL+SHIFT+O

To undo any changes, Press CTRL+Z

To open Explain Plan, Press CTRL+SHIFT+Z

We can also Press CTRL+SPACE to find schema names, tables and to complete statements in SQL console

The below figure shows all schemas starting with letter S


Similarly to find tables and statements, we can press CTRL+SPACE

Just remember that for table suggestion, we need to write at least two letters


As seen in above image, we are also getting, whole select statement syntax, so lets say if I select “complete select syntax“, I will see the below figure:


I hope you have learned some new HANA Studio keyboard shortcuts today.

To create your own customized Shortcuts, check my document Creating your own shortcuts for HANA Studio

Thanks for your time



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