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HCM Processes & Forms and HR Renewal: What’s new in Workflows?

During my initial analysis of HR Renewal functionality I found that SAP has delivered a set of new “Workflows and Standard Tasks” that supports the Web Dynpro ABAP(FPM Forms) based HCM Processes and Forms. With this blog I decided to put down this information(along with help links) in a systematic way which might be helpful for people who are going to implement HR Renewal.


Prior HR Renewal, in order to support workflows for Adobe Interactive Forms (HCM Processes and Forms), the below list of Standard Tasks and workflows were used –

Standard Task TS17900100: Edit Form

Standard Task TS17900101: Approve Form

Standard Task TS17900102: Form Is Edited Again by Author

Standard Task TS04000018: Process PD Form

Standard Task TS04000019: Approve PD Form

Standard Task TS04000020: PD Form Is Edited Again by Author

Workflow Template WS17900260: Save Form with Error Handling

Workflow Template WS17900404: Draft for Process Start

Workflow Template WS17900418: Forward: Process Start with Errors

Based on your version used the appropriate SWFVISU “Visualization parameters” would be maintained with Web Dynpro ABAP or Web Dynpro Java application details. More information about these Standard Tasks can be found in – Task Group TG17900001: Components for HCM Processes & Forms – Business Workflow for HCM Processes…

What’s new?

With the introduction of HR Renewal’s FPM Forms(To be precise Web Dynpro ABAP based forms) into HCM Processes and forms, SAP has come up with a list of new standard tasks and workflows under the same Task Group – TG17900001. These new Standard tasks and workflows are exclusively created to support only FPM forms based processes ! You can find these new tasks/workflows below –

Standard Task TS33700021: Process Form (Web Dynpro)

Standard Task TS33700022: Approve Form (Web Dynpro)

Standard Task TS33700023: Form Is Edited Again by Author (Web Dynpro)

Standard Task TS33700018: Process PD Form (Web Dynpro)

Standard Task TS33700019: Approve PD Form (Web Dynpro)

Standard Task TS33700020: PD Form Is Edited Again by Author (Web Dynpro)

Workflow Template WS33700028: Save Form with Error Handling (Web Dynpro)

Workflow Template WS33700033: Draft for Process Start (Web Dynpro)

Workflow Template WS33700034: Forward: Process Start with Errors (Web Dynpro)

The following Visualization parameters are maintained for these Standard Tasks –


More information about these tasks can be found in the following sources –…

Note 1702012 – UWL configuration for HR Professional – HR renewal 1.0


Along with Adobe forms, due to addition of new form type i.e. FPM Forms(WD ABAP based forms), SAP is forced to launch a whole bunch of new workflow related standard tasks and templates. Though they work very similar to the existing workflows, you just have to do below activities in the system (only once) –

  1. Maintain SWFVISU Task Visualization parameters
  2. Perform UWL Task Registration in SAP Portal

SAP has come up with two more additional form types – “Mass Forms” and “Roadmap Forms” in later releases of HR Renewal. Through my analysis, I realized that we cannot wrap workflows around “Mass Forms”. And, I didn’t see any standard workflow deliverable wrapping the “Roadmap Forms”.  I wish SAP consider giving us an option to wrap a workflow around “Roadmap Forms” in future (Of course with a set of new workflow tasks again which in turn becomes my next blogging topic 🙂 ).

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