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Dynamically Increase table height in adobe forms

Follow the below two steps to dynamically increase the heght of the table depending on the content.

1.) Wrap each table field in a subform . All the subforms should have flowed content, top-to-bottom.

2.) Uncheck the “Allow page breaks within content”  checkbox in the subforms. This should be done on the subforms used to wrap the individual table fields and the table body subform, that wraps the table body.

The “Desciption” field can have any number of lines and the table height adjusts automatically to fit in the values.

Page 1


Page 2


In case the “Allow page breaks within content”  is checked, the “description” column  gets disoriented and shifts to the left on page break, as shown below

Page 1


Page 2


Thanks to all forum members wo helped me a lot in completeing this build. This was my first exposure to Adobe Forms.

Thanks and Regards,


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