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Use of Interpret result as Boolean Value (True=1;False=0) in formula variable with an example

Scenario :

With this document i will be showing the functionality of  “Interpret result as Boolean Value (True=1;False=0)” in formula variable with a simple example .

The scenario is like below :

Requirement : To show in the output of the BEx report only paid invoices.

DSO Data :

ZINV_NO – Invoice No


ZINV_NO Master data :

As we can see below from the master data of “ZINV_NO” , there is a Paid indicator (display attribute of ZINV_NO) which tells us whether its an “open invoice” (with a blank space ” ” ) or a “paid invoice” (with the value “X”).


Follow the below steps to get only paid invoices amount in the output of BEx report based on the Paid Indicator(ZPAID):

STEP : 1

In the BEx query designer make a New formula(For Ex : Paid Amounts) and in that make a new formula variable with the following settings in the general tab :

Processing Type : Replacement Path

Reference characteristics : ZINV_NO


STEP : 2

Go to the replacement path tab and maintain the following settings:

Replace variable with : InfoObject

Replace with : Attrib. Value

Attribute : ZPAID

And select the checkbox “Interpret Result as Boolean Value(True=1; False=0)


STEP : 3

Now multiply this formula variable with the amount keyfigure from the infoprovider :



Just to check what this formula variable is bringing, make a separate NEW FORMULA ( For ex: Check) and just place this formula variable and also maintain AMOUNT keyfigure in the columns also just to get a better clarity of what is happening :


STEP : 5

Finally your BEx Query designer should look like this :


STEP : 6

Execute the report to see the output.


Explanation :

The formula variable : ZFOR_VAR_BOOL internally checks for the attribute “ZPAID” of “ZINV_NO”. The value of the formula variable is 0 when it does not find value(i.e. blank) for the attribute ZPAID and the value of the formula variable is 1 when it finds value(i.e. “X” in this case) for the attribute ZPAID.

Hope the above explanation was useful.

All comments and suggestion are welcome !!

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