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SCN = The Magic Box……

First of all, I like to thank entire SCN community for this wonderful establishment. 🙂

Then, I like to highlight why I am describing SCN as a Magic Box…. 😏

In the SAP world, SCN is such a place where you can get help / at least idea on the every topic of the vast, ever changing and improving SAP world.

SCN is also improving with SAP day and day by adding new features and topics. 😘

And what I think very interesting about SCN:

  • With SCN you can have access to lot of documents, blogs and wiki(s), which can help you to study and understand all new and existing SAP technologies and its products. ℹ

  • SCN is a good platform to know about new and upcoming SAP technologies and events. 😎

  • SCN brings the opportunity to ask queries / problems or explain the problems to the great community of SAP mentors and experts. ➕

  • With SCN you can share your knowledge, thoughts and ideas with help of the documents, blogs and wiki(s) among other community members. 🙂

  • With this community, people can grow and mature in their SAP career. ℹ

  • Gamification is the good thing to grow the interests among peoples to share the thoughts and knowledge among others in the competitive way. 😆

  • SCN Polls is one great way to know the opinions of the peoples in the quantitative manner. 😏

I like to highlight that providing the badges is one of the great ideas to recognize the contributions of the SCN members. 😎

I have observed that SCN community members are always ready to help each other.

So, the Magic of SCN will continue by virtue of its community members and SCN will astonish us days to come by its beauty and prosperity. 🙂

Magic Box.jpg

Magic Box.jpg
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